Placement among the various Search Engines and how Image and Meta Search Engine may Rank you High

Erin Kilgour Staff Writer 8/22/2009

Every serious marketer’s goal is to be in the top ten positions of the search engine listing results. This is for the obvious fact that the webmaster or affiliate will achieve greater response or presence to their website web business.  Often times, Internet searchers do not read past the top ten listings in the search engine results.  Internet searchers are often quite a lazy lot and want to find all the information at the tip of their fingers, and that too, in the least amount of time possible.


Search engine placement is the key to the success for a marketer’s web business.  When a World Wide Web user enters a search into their browser, search engines pull up corresponding sites into the millions. The database is crawled for relevant and popular sites to be displayed by matching the keywords or keyword phrase in the database.


Keywords are the most important aspect in regards to your site.  You will choose your keywords based on your product or service.  Say you sell Mother’s Cookies. Your keywords may be “retail mother’s cookies” and related words. Every time someone searches with the keyword phrase, your site would come up.  If your website has more than one page with selling different products such as mother’s lasagna and more than the keywords for the other pages would be “mother’s lasagna which would come up on the related search. If your site does not have specific pages but is a generalized site with the many products on one page, you will want to make additional web pages. This will result in higher conversion rates due to searchers finding the information, product or service through their specific keywords and the convenience of the searcher having the data at their finger tips.


Positioning of keywords is crucial in website design.  Critical areas which your keywords or keyword phrase should appear on your website or web page, are in your page’s HTML title tag, high in the content, and throughout the sites content.  This is of upmost importance.  Failure to do this could cause your site to be poorly ranked.


Chose two or three phrases that you would like your company to be known for and build your titles around them.  You will want your titles relatively short and attractive.  Search engines are attracted to sites or pages where keywords appear “high” on the page, as described. Also, have them appear in the first few paragraphs of your web page.


A Meta search engine is a tool for Internet searching which sends the Internet users requests to various search engines and/or databases and aggregates the search results into a singles list or display that shows them according to their source.  The advantage of a Meta search engine is the Internet user can enter a search once and the results are pulled from many different search engines.  The results are combined from the different search engines.  This also saves the Internet user from searching many different search engines for results to the information they are looking for.


Meta search engines are a virtual database.  Meta search engines vary.  While one may search only the most popular search engines others may search the lesser-populated engines, databases and newsgroups.  They will also differ in the way in which they present the results.  Some may produce the results in regards to quality and content of the website while others may produce results in popularity to the site or number of visitors.


Another type of search engine is the image search engines.  AltaVista image search is an excellent example of the image search engine Through the image search engine you enter the picture that you would like to search for, such as Mickey Mouse and a entire array of images will come up for you to chose from.


Search engine rank is where you want your website to be in the search engine results. The higher you are in the search engines the greater exposure to your site.


Marketers often chose a professional to assist with the listing of their website.  Semonics Inc. is one such professional.  Through their service you will have your website positioned in multiple search engines including country specific and vertical searches.  This helps in the measurement of effectiveness of your Search engine optimization campaign.  Your site will be monitored and you will know your current Google ranking along with other search engines.  Monitor links toward your site and will notify the webmaster regarding new links from high ranked web sites.  This will increase your site ranking for search engines.  It will index all your WebPages and monitor their listing in the search engines.  And, it will monitor all the visitors that visit and bookmark your site.  This company will productively monitor your search engine needs This is good strategy for your business.


The focus in advertising or marketing your website business will be towards your targeted audience for the product.  Through careful consideration and studying of your product or service you will learn the most interested audience.  ,


Targeting your audience will include the following demographics:

  1. Age
  2. Sex
  3. Race
  4. Origin
  5. Interests


Once you have decided upon your target audience you will begin to promote to them.  The most productive form of Internet marketing normally consists on a combination of methods.  Whether through email campaigning, forums, or banner placements the results you bring to your website through visitors to your website is what will lead you to the top in the search engine ranking and ahead of your competitors.  Search engine rank can literally make a difference between hundred to millions, even billions of interested prospects to your website.  Chances are, if you are not in the top ten of the search engine results you will not be looked at by interested prospects searching the World Wide Web for information that would lead them to your website.  The keywords or keyword phrase in which the user enters into their browser will be one of the main elements that will pull your website into the results.  Where it ranks in the results or index will depend on your sites content and the ranking among your competitors.  If you have more visitors to your site than any of your competitors you will be among the top positions in the result listings.

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