PPC pay per click search engine management skills

The repetitious chore of advertising does not guarantee anything.  It doesn’t guarantee high placement in the search engine rankings, it doesn’t guarantee an increase in volume of visitors nor does it guarantee increase sales.  It does not even guarantee that anyone will ever read your ad or website or click on it.  It is a tedious chore and it can be very discouraging for the advertiser.

For this reason, many marketers are choosing to use Pay Per Click marketing campaigning.  It is a form of advertising that guarantees the business owner, webmaster, or affiliates placement in the search engine results index based on keywords and is geared to the targeted audience of the millions even billions of World Wide Web users.

Pay Per Click is the only form of advertising that guarantees top 10 paid positions in the search engine results index.  With the natural result listings there are factors taken into consideration such as the web site structure, design and relevant content, along with popularity of the web site.  With Pay Per Click the positioning in the search engine result listings is based on the amount or percentage of your bid along with the relevance of your add

Pay Per Click has become a 2 billion dollar industry.  Search engines are generating their main source of revenue through the Pay Per Click programs.  This is tremendous for the advertiser and for the publisher.

Pay Per Click programs operate by the advertisers bidding against one another.  Or can operate on a fixed base rate.  Both serve the advertiser and the publisher well.  For each click directed from the search engine advert the advertiser will pay an amount or percentage of his campaign.  The advertiser who bids the highest will have the #1 slot in the Pay per Click search engine results index.  This will continue down to the #10 slot until all slots are filled.

Pay Per Click also offers an affiliate program for the search engines.  Most of the Pay Per Click affiliate search engine programs offer the advertiser to pay only when a sale is generated or a lead is delivered through the delivery of a visitor to the advertises site.  Pay Per Click search engine programs make it much easier for the affiliate to earn money.  With the affiliate programs you will earn from the point of your visitor’s click thru, producing a lead to the advertisers site or your affiliate and not per sale or action.

Pay per click search engine management will begin with determining how much each visitor to your web site will be worth.  Pay Per Click visits can range anywhere from a few cents into the hundreds of dollars.  Obviously, if it cost $50 to make a $40 sale the visitor or click is not worthwhile.  The formula to calculate the worth of a pay per click campaign is relatively simple.  Historical data will have to be used.  Used will be the profit generated from the website over a given period of time.  If the web site yielded $2000 in profit from the product or service sales in the given period, and the visitor ratio was 4000 for the given period then each visitor was worth $1.  This is calculated by profit divided by visitors.  This is your breakeven point.  The advertiser will consider the desired profit margin making the optimal price per click likely less than $1 per click.  Depending on the popularity of the keyword phrases will depend on the cost per click.  Often time’s popular phrases run more than this, so for the advertiser it will make sense to bid on less popular keyword phrases to pay an acceptable amount per click increasing their profit margin.

Pay Per Click PPC search engine management will also include the selecting of keywords and phrases.  The advertiser will need to perform critical research in regards to his product or service, the targeted audience for his product or service and what is popular in the search engines.  There are no “practical” limits to the number of keywords available or possible.  This simplifies the selection of the keyword process.    Optimizing a site for particular keywords is not a difficult process.  Keywords lacking performance do not cost extra as there is only the time for setting up the account, but are a concern of the advertiser Keyword phrases can be researched using keyword tools which allow advertisers to see how popular the keyword phrases are and how often they are selected in the search engines.  They will also give popular suggestions based upon the terms entered.

Another role in your Pay Per Click management is the writing of your ad content for the search engine listingsSearch engine traffic is staggering and the goal is to entice the search engine traffic to your site with the best possible description of your product or service with the hopes of converting the visitor into a sales.  With Pay Per Click search engine adverts the descriptions attract highly targeted traffic.  The description should describe what the business offers.  The advertiser is paying per click and does not want to pay for every looky lou, but for the interested prospect.  Marketing copy techniques need to be employed to be certain that the advertisement description of the website is enticing enough to attract the most valuable prospect.

The advertiser will manage pay per click search engine campaigning through monitoring and analysis.  Monitoring your campaign regularly is crucial in its success.  With the Pay Per Click positions can often change every day.  The competition for the top three positions in the paid search engine result listings is tremendous and there are holding wars between advertisers.  Tracking the price of the click is mandatory as if it goes too high it is wise to pull out and pursue a new set of keywords.  You will also need to track and analyze the effective of your keyword phrases.   Viewing click through rates and visitor habits such as returns to the site sales, etc will lend insight into the motivation of their visit and help to refine your campaign.

Pay Per Click search engine management will ensure that your campaign is operating smoothly and that you are making a profit.  This is one of the best campaigns to bring large numbers of ideal prospects or targeted visitors to your website.  Expense can play a primary role in your ppc campaign.  It will be necessary to research and go with the most popular cost efficient keywords available.

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