PPC Search Engine Campaigns to Boost your Business

Google Ad Words PPC Program is one of the most popular pay per clack search engine campaigns a marketer could engage in.  The AdWords campaign produces billions in revenue for Google each year.  With the uncertain results that advertising can bring, it is no wonder that the marketer is seeing the value of such pay per click campaigns as AdWords.

Pay per click is paid advertising.  It puts business and affiliates at or near the top of the paid search engine result listings.  When a searcher searches using their keyword phrase the business owners or affiliates site will be pulled among the results.

The pay per click campaign is an art.  It is much more than the simple bidding of keywords. To acquire the top positions in the search engines the advertiser will bid on the slot through bidding on keywords.  This is done through that of an auction and will continue until the advertiser uses his budget on the keywords.  The holding or keeping of the position is constantly changing and the advertiser needs to monitor daily to keep up to date with the current cost per click bid of the keywords.   The highest bidder will win the #1 position and it will continue down through the remaining positions.  The publisher holds the spot as the advertisers bid on the position on a pay per click basis, meaning the advertiser pays a specific amount each time the search engine sends them a visitor.  There are many paid search engine campaigns to choose from and Overture is one search engine that offers a paid campaign that has their advertisers adverts show up in other popular search engines.  The searcher can recognize these as they are normally listed as “sponsored”.

Pay Per Click is not traditional search engine optimization.  These are not natural results but paid result listings.  The advantage for the advertiser is great.  The advertiser does not have to optimize his site with the use of keywords, nor does he need to advertise to increase traffic to increase position in the search engines.  The Pay Per Click campaigns are quick and can produce results within minutes.  With standard search engine optimization campaigns this can sometimes take months.  The advertiser does not have to have any specialize knowledge for a Pay Per Click ppc campaign.  It is simple.  Advertisers with experience in search engine advertising and with keyword research definitely have the advantage.

Pay Per Click ppc campaigning is a daily monitoring.  There is constant bidding on keywords and phrases which can lower the bid amount or position of the advertiser.  Bidders are often ranging their bids to maintain or regain a position.  This will include a minimum and maximum amount the advertiser will pay per click.  The advertiser must monitor his position daily.  This is critical.  The disadvantage of the ppc campaign is it can become quite expensive depending on the degree of popularity of the keywords and the aggressiveness of the bidders or competition for the keywords.

Pay per PPC search engine campaign is not just the simplicity of choosing a few keywords and setting it and forgetting it.  Your ppc campaign or ppc campaigns will require tracking and analysis.  The advertiser will take into consider many factors.  The process of determining the visitor’s worth for the campaign, the best and most cost effective  keywords, and the best content or advert for the website.  The visitor should be idea and you will want clicks that are likely to lead to sales.  Give some description of your product or service enticing the searcher before he clicks.

Goggle, Yahoo and MSN are the leading search engines and represent over 90% of all the search traffic on the World Wide Web.  Obviously, these are great search engines to consider for your ppc search engine campaing.  Each search engine will likely be targeted by the advertiser differently.  For example Google and a technology based business would be a good fit for the targeted young to middle aged male demographic.  For advertiser that wanted to reach the 18 to 24 year old group then Yahoo would be preferred.  Demographics are the specifics of targeting your audience through age, sex, race, interests, hobbies, origin, etc.  Demographics can change and also must be monitored.

Pay Per Click worth is the value of your ppc campagin or ppc campaigns.  It is measured by calculating the cost per click and the visitors.  Obviously if a click or visitor to the site cost $40 and the possible sale was $20 then the campaign is not worthwhile.  It has failed.  The formula for calculation of the value of the ppc campaign will be the profit over a selected amount of time divided by the number of total visitors and the amount you are paying per click.  For instance if an advertiser generated $1000 in profits through clicks or visitors to their site and there were 2000 visitors during the time calculation for profit, each visitor would be worth .50.  Now, if you are paying more for your pay per click hits or visitors the ppc campaign is not profitable.  If the advertiser wants to generate income he would obviously chose to select lower priced keywords or phrases increasing his profits.

Selecting the best choice of keywords and ad advert content will be the biggest task of your ppc campaign.  Both will require a great amount of research and detail.  Keywords tools or an expert will want to be used in the selection of your keywords.  This is the most popular form of advertising among marketers and the selection of keywords can sometimes be enormous.  It is necessary to find the best keywords at the most affordable cost.  There are tools that are available that will assist you through inserting your desired keywords and the tool will measure the popularity of the keyword selection in the search engines.  This is an enormous benefit.  However, with the most popular keywords is an increase in cost per click.  Studying the industry will be necessary and compiling a popular selection of keywords at the least cost per click will yield the advertiser the largest profit margin.  Content is relevant.  It is necessary in targeting the ideal prospect.  You want the clicks or visits that will produce sales.  In order for this, you must have the most professional ad content that will draw the most valuable visitor.  The most valuable visitor will result in higher conversions.  Content is tricky and often times a professional is sought in this area.

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