In the 3P’s (People, Process, Product) of business success, Product can be considered as the make-or-break result of the things People and Process do. It is the outcome that a business presents to its customers or clients. As such, it has to be presentable and convincing enough, preferably impressive, for potential customers to consider spending money on it. The People and Process factors may require some tweaking or optimization to be able to come up with an excellent product.

A product does not necessarily have to be some tangible object being offered for a price. It can be intangible or even an abstract concept. It can be a service or something with a value but without a physical presence. There are many instances when intangible products have greater value and utility compared to tangible ones.

For us in Sticky Web Media, our products are the services we are offering. We provide two main services: search engine optimization and Internet marketing. Obviously, our products don’t have physical features but they address specific needs for our clients. We offer a host of search engine optimization packages, link building campaigns, social media optimization, reputation management, video marketing, online ads, PPC marketing, as well as website maintenance.

We decided to have search engine optimization and online marketing as our product because we are passionate about them. As most business books would suggest, the business venture to pursue should always be something you are competent with and interested in. We at Sticky Web Media are confident in claiming that we have the competence to do SEO and Internet marketing. We know how these things work and we want to make them work for other businesses. Needless emphasizing,

The rapidly growing popularity of the Internet requires businesses to adapt by building their respective online presence. However, it is not enough to simply have an online presence. An online presence needs to be easy to find. An online store that receives no traffic does not really serve it intended purpose. Of note, most of the traffic that go into online stores or company websites come from search engines. Hence, there is a need to do optimizations to make search engines find a website or page more easily. We know that our expertise in doing these can be useful to various companies so we’re making it available as the ideal product that completes our 3P’s for business success.

We understand that nothing can represent our company better than the products we offer. That’s why we make sure that our products are of the highest quality. We ensure that the search engine optimization solutions and online marketing services we provide for various websites serve the purpose they are meant to serve. We definitely wouldn’t want to be associated with a less than desirable reputation because of small inconveniences we cause to a client so we always exert the effort to maintain our products’ high level of quality.

We are confident in the quality of services we provide—our Product. However, we know that our current range of products may no longer be as effective in the future as it currently is. That’s why we always strive to evolve to be able to serve emerging needs effectively and efficiently.