Professional Web Design Los Angeles Tips for Amateurs

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha


Taking advantage of knowledge gained by someone that has had years of experience in professional web design Los Angeles can simplify website design jobs in Los Angeles.  By paying attention to someone else’s successful websites and reading tutorials or books written by successful web designers, LA internet marketing of a website can be a success!


There are sites that can generate a lot of money by generating traffic and conversions, selling products, or gathering data.  Then there are those sites that are not successful at all.  It can be surprising to find out which sites are successful because sometimes the successful sites are not the ones that a person would normally pick.  But those sites do some very important things right and that is what counts.

One book, Save the Pixel by Ben Hunt can be a go to tool for designing a web.  Ben Hunt has many years of web design for a diverse clientele that ranges from the Government to small businesses.  He has learned more from his mistakes in web designing and passes that knowledge on in Save the Pixel.  Hunt gives tips that can be used immediately by the reader to make improvements on their sites.  Hunt believes that simplicity is the key to success and feels that a simple design performs the best.

By reducing the clutter on a website, visitors are able to concentrate on what the site is trying to get across.  Hunt points out that a web design is made to please the person who has the site and not the people that have to use the site.  The website might look nice and have appealing content, but all of that can take away from the elements that can change those visits into conversions.

The goals of the site must be kept in mind and ‘stuff’ that is added that doesn’t support those goals defeat the success of the site.  Hunt states that simple web design guides the visitor’s attention to the clues that lets them know they are in the right place while allowing them to find what they want with little distraction.  Simple web design keeps them focused on the content and not the packaging of the content.

In the 11 chapters of Save the Pixel, Hunt leads the reader through a comprehensive process for creating simple sites that he has found to work every time.  Hunt wants his readers to look at their site like they are a first time visitor and really get a feel for what visitors need to see and what they don’t need.  Hunt offers a toolkit that can be used to save money from expensive redesigns and helps avoid mistakes that lower the success of a site.

 He uses real web design case studies with before and after snapshots in his tutorials, and notes to show where pixels are often wasted and how to save them while not sacrificing appeal.   Save the Pixel by Ben Hunt could be what the unexperienced web designer needs!

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