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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/3/2009

Web site promotion marketing is everywhere one looks on the Internet today.  One Google search will yield a ton of results.  The online advertising methods for marketing are endless, and with this include the wave of the blog.  Blogging hit the Internet and everyone was jumping in.  Just as in all forms of marketing, there are blogging professional services as well.  Finding a service to promote your blog is as simple as A, B, C.   One can literally take days exploring the different promotion advertising services to find a good fit.


Blogging is not something that typically brings to mind a professional service due to the fact that blogging has often times been used for the underdog, but nonetheless blogging is a form of promotion advertising and seeking a professional service to help you may be a good idea. Many bloggers have achieved great success and recognition and it is a very productive form of advertising.  Blogging does require time.  If you are a company or individual that is short on time, then you will want to seek the services of a professional blogging service to help you build, maintain and advertise your blog.   These services typically start from $100 up and will create, maintain and advertise your blog for you.


Other service that may be included with a professional service is marketing your blog via new RSS feeds every week.  An RSS feed stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and also referred to as “Rich Site Summary”.   What it is a family or group of web feed formats which are used in the frequent publishing of updated works, with blog entries being at the top.  The RSS document is called the “feed” and includes the writer’s text and the acknowledgement of the authorship, dates, etc.  Content can be syndicated automatically and as for the reader, they can subscribe to the feed and receive constant updates.  So, if you get a following to your blog, they can subscribe to your feed and get constant updates via email.


The service may also include writing the updates for your blog postings, written of course, on your behalf.  The blog content should be social bookmarked.  Social Bookmarking is where you share bookmarks of web sites that you feel others would be interested in.


They may also include advertising your blog on Social Media Sites such as MySpace and Facebook.  They will do the renting of the space to advertise your product or service and manage the campaign.


Image Optimization is another service they may offer.  This would include such sites as Flickr, Photobucket and Fotki.  What is done is the successful sizing of your images for optimization purposes and placed into well know formats.  The purpose is to minimize the bytes number of graphics without diminishing the quality.


Press Release distribution may be another service involved.  This is an announcement reviewing your blog.  Professionally written and geared towards drawing readers to your blog.  It will be submitted to online sites and your company will be featured in the release.  It will also help with positioning in the search engines, as will the other services as well.


Submission to Podcast and Video directories may be included as well.  These directories should include YouTube and Broadcaster.  You can think of this as a news station, only here your blog updates become the news.  This can be very a very productive form of advertising.  A video with voice is used along with a text summary, drawing the reader or listener to click on to view your podcast.


A search Engine Marketing Kit may also be included in the service.  This is search engine optimization.  This will most likely include marketing methods such as pay-per-click.  The search engine marketing kit is basically all about marketing.  It is how to understand the search engines, which can be very lengthy and confusing to the newbie, Search Engine Optimization, which is another overwhelming fountain of ideas and information, it may include advanced SEO and Search Engine Friendly Design, and suggestions and tips from the pros, which with more than twenty years in existence, the Internet has become flooded with pros.  However, this is the fame and fortune place to be, as the Internet has made more millionaires than any other source.


A blog promotion professional service can offer a great package and save you the worries and time involved in maintaining the blog yourself.  If you have the dedication and time to devote to creating and maintaining and getting your blog known, it is achievable.  Blogging is a great way to express you and give information about your business or product.  Nearly everyone with a business has a blog, and everyone that has something they want to share, or offer the world has a blog.   It is for beginners and for novices.  It is utilized by small and big businesses alike, and even the student and housewife.  Whatever road you chose, make your blog count.  Marketing is a method that will gain you exposure and increase your followers, customers and/or sales.  Before you know it you may have an audience so big that you are producing a newsletter to all your fans.  Blogging is as big today as ever before.  Stay up to date and post to your blog frequently.  If you are hiring a professional service to promote your blog for you then stay in tuned with your blog by visiting the website frequently and get reports on the progress and stats of your blog.  If you are promoting your blog yourself, keep up to date with the current advertising techniques, stay in tune with other bloggers, make certain to visit your blog at least a few times a week, and answer any inquires or questions you may have that other visitors have left. Your blog is your promoting website to your business or personal life.

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