Promoting through AdWords promotion for your site and gaining product sales.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/31/2009

three being advertising, personal selling, and publicity/public relations.  Marketing through media and non media communications will be utilized for a predetermined, limited time to increase the consumer demand for a product, increase market demand or improve product availability.  Meaning in simple layman’s terms; a sale, contest, rebate, or giveaway or incentive.

Sales promotions can be very effective in marketing your product or service.  Everyone is searching for a good bargain, especially a good bargain on a good product.

Product promotion is the promotion of a product, meaning a selected product or service.  This is a great way to clear inventory of unwanted items, increase demand for the product, draw customers, etc.

Adwords promotion is a method of promoting your site through Pay Per Click or PPC.  Your advertising will be seen by Google users. This is a wonderful method of advertising and it exposes your site and is cost affordable.  With Google AdWords you purchase keywords or keyword phrase, and when an Internet user types your keywords or keyword phrase in their browser. Your advertisements will appear in the Google search when to the right hand side of the page listings.  Should a prospect happen to click on the ad, you will then be charged a percentage.  The advantage is Google is advertising for you and bringing you interested prospects.

AdWords advertising has become so successful that it is Google’s main source of revenue reaching into the billions.  It utilizes both text and banner ads through local, national and international distribution.  The advertisement is short with two lines of content in which you write to advertise your site.

Google is a United States company and one of the leading search engines in the world, reaching everywhere.  Advertising through Google can build your company to heights not ever dreamed of.  This won’t be accomplished through jotting a few lines down on a piece of paper; it will be accomplished through carefully constructing content and researching for the best selection of keywords.    Your keywords will pull up your ad.

The original idea for Google Adwords stems from one of the most useful books in history, the yellow pages.  Although not Google’s original idea, they came up with AdWords in 2000 and a new era of advertising began.  The original launching of Adwords included its users to pay a monthly fee.  From there AdWords introduced Adwords Service Portal.  Adwords has continued to grow since its beginning and businesses right along with it.

To promote your site through sales promotions and product promotions can be very useful.  Before the Internet, sales promotions to the consumer were strictly conducted through retail stores.   View it as a simple sale at your Internet storefront and you should have no problem gasping the concept.  However, you will need to learn how to work on your site, it you did not construct it yourself.

Internet marketing can be a full time plus an over time job in itself.  It is time consuming and tedious.  One must be very dedicated as it takes consistency.  It can be discouraging at times. Results may not happen overnight and you may need to change your advertising methods or combine a number of advertising methods to achieve the results you wish for.  It is not something that you can predict, but you can project.

Although AdWords is one of the strongest advertising campaigns one can invest in, there are many other methods of advertising as well.  SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that every business owner is aware of.  It is the position and exposure of your site in the search engines.  This is a must for any serious Internet marketer.  You may have a product that the entire world could use, but without proper advertising on the net, it may never be discovered.  Target you audience and begin advertising in areas that you know your prospects will be.

Paid to read emails are a great example of targeting your audience.  If you have a product such as barrettes, your audience will be young girls and young women. Through paid to read email campaigns you can select your audience.  You will be asked a series of questions such as the age group you wish to advertise to, the gender, occupation of your readers, you may be asked what race you would like to advertise to, you may select interests that the reader may be interested in and advertise to that area.  There are a combination of questions you may be asked.  Knowing your product and knowing your audience becomes extremely important when targeting your prospects or audience.

Other ways of targeting your audience will be through forums or social sites.  Many social sites are formed as groups.  Suppose you have a gardening site.  You will seek forums revolving around gardening, just as you will select similar groups through social sites.  Nature would be something else that you may Google and see what means of advertising exist.  You may come up with clubs, forums, social sites, the possibilities are endless.

Every customer counts.  When marketing, try a combination of methods to discover which is more effective or to achieve the results that you want to reach through your campaigns.  Research and know the Internet media marketing world.  Knowledge will save you many hours and dollars and will bring you closer to the results you want to achieve.  Always remember, if the task is too big or if you don’t have the time it will take to complete, or you are just not interested, go with a professional.  The professional services are many and they are skilled with producing results for companies that often times would be unreachable.

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