Proper SEO for Website Traffic Hit and the wholesale hits

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer,

The internet is now filled with so many ways to do search engine optimization because many websites are struggling hard to reach the top rank in the search engines. If you try browsing the search engines and key in the words “search engine optimization” you will find a thousand results giving a million ways to do seo. Most online business owners would click on one result for the purpose of getting an idea of how to optimize their websites and generate their desired website traffic hits. Nobody would refuse magic in just a snap of a finger. This is why most doomed websites would try to do anything just to get that prestigious top rank. They would pay for any optimization technique even if sometimes, they don’t actually understand how it is going to work for their site. Most people employ seo tactics without even getting into the bottom of the problem why they are not making it to the rank.

A website hit is every online business owner’s dream. Like any dream, we always tend to pursue it and do anything in order to realize it. We dig all corners of possibilities just to find our way to achieve it. We seek for help from people around us and we make promises as compromise for the good thing. In your quest for a high ranking website, you scour all possible search engine optimization strategy in order for you to get that popularity you always wanted. And the idea here is not just the strategy. It is time every online person should realize that every strategy is a process. A good search engine optimization is the one which can adhere to the requisites of the process and implement them accordingly.

If you want to optimize your site, you can begin the process by reviewing the visual entirety of your page. Every web page is ideally made with professionalism. A website that definitely earns wholesale hits is a site that professionally reflects the nature of your trade and incorporates the principles of comprehensive lay outing. Moreover, your page should be navigational and complete. The website will be submitted also to directories and unlike search engines, directories are managed by humans and not by machines. By creating a good page, you also create an impression to those who would evaluate your page. In addition, you can check on your content as content is a great factor in attracting and retaining your visitors and in getting the high ranks in the search engines.

The next thing you need to do is identify possibilities of spider traps. In the online arena, spider traps are those that prevent a spider from crawling and from weaving his web to cover up your page. This requires you to see to it that all pages are dynamic, all texts are readable. Search engines optimization’s task is to see to it that nothing will hurt the sites in the search engines. Spamming is also one problem about a website. Sometimes you may not be aware that you are already committing spamming with some simple acts you don’t are viewed by the search engines as an act of spam. Accidental spam happens when you decide to use white text in a colored table when your entire web background is white. The search engines will take this as spamming because the white text could be viewed as “hidden text”. The search engines do not allow white texts in any white background. This is also one way of realizing that your pursuit for creativity can bring you down instead of generating website hit for you.

The third step is for you to remember that adequate and proper use of keywords means increased revenues. Never pick keywords that do not fit the nature of your website. Avoid words that are very broad and are not focused directly to your trade or to anything you offer your target traffic. Usually, keyword phrases composed of two-four words are perfect because it has been found out those searchers now usually use within three terms when they conduct they search. On the other hand, avoid the use of so many keywords. Web content packed or crowded with keywords dilute their tendency to be relevant.

Furthermore, you also have to view your HTML codes and check on the link popularity of your website. This is one way of going back to the basics. Fundamentals should work correctly before advanced tricks could help you out in acquiring website traffic hits. Keywords should be placed strategically. Check on your title tags, alt tags, Meta description and keywords tag, headings tags, link texts and their prominent placement all over the body. On the other hand, you need to check on your link popularity which is considered the main algorithm of any search engine.  Get into the habit of building link popularity.

Lastly, you can opt for website submission. Let you website be included in the databases of the search engines and online directories. Make use of the many submission tools available online so that your website could be searched on once you type your domain name in the search boxes. Website hit is very possible to those sites that are present in the search engine database. You may opt for automated submission or hand submission. By submitting your website to search engines and directories, you are giving justice to your website which you have optimized for that popularity you aim for. is an excellent resource to learn the skill of Internet marketing with experts on hand and assistance available they are helping the marketer to achieve excellent results with their online businesses.

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