Pros and Cons of paid and free automatic Internet website promotion for my blog.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/3/2009

The key to a successful web site or blog is promotion. How do I promote my blog or website you ask? Internet website promotion comes in many forms. You can find free promotion, automatic promotion and paid promotion. It’s best if you can do all three. You can never have enough promotion! Many of us start a website or blog on a very low budget or even no budget at all. Don’t let a small pocketbook stop you from promoting your site. Searches will provide you will many free promotion sites. If you do have a budget set aside for promoting, there are sites that do internet website promotion for a fee. These companies are more likely to promote you in your target areas as they have the tools and the man power to promote you properly. Free promotion is great when you have no other choice. Then you have automatic promotion which can be either free or paid. Automatic promotion generally involves a program that automatically updates promotional sites, but not always. Some sites have this feature built in. Let’s take a look at some of our promotional options.

Social networks are a great way to do internet web site promotion. This is how I originally started to promote my blog. Networks like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace are packed with people. These networks can get you good promotion. They take some time and you will have to do most of it yourself. When I started I had just a few friends and now I am up to 23,000 1 year later. This took hours a day of promotion, talking to people and adding friends. Their friends then hear about you and add you and so on.

Twitter is known for its “Tweets” which are little messages of information which can lead people to your site or blog. Once a person is your friend they will receive your updates and promotional tweets that you send out. I promote my blog with this free promotion and it has proven to be very good, driving many views to my page. I can even send updates through my mobile phone. I don’t have to be at home or even in front of a computer to promote my blog. You can purchase programs designed specifically for Twitter which will automatically send tweets for you, giving you automatic promotion. Some sites also provide this option. For example, writers who write for websites like Associated Content have the option of entering there Twitter information into Associated Content’s site and every time the writer posts an article it automatically sends a tweet with a link to the writer’s web site.

Facebook is a bit more personal in that you really only add people once you have gotten to know them. Internet web site promotion is limited here as there is a limit set by Facebook to how many people a day you can add. This means that the amount of people that are exposed to your blog or site will not be as much as some of the other social networks, but it will be more focused on your target audience. You can be sure that most of the people on your Facebook will be interested in your site and what you have there. Facebook has many different features which can be used as free promotion. You can send videos to people, messages to their fun wall, form groups promoting your site or blog, you can even send out a message to all your friends at once telling them about the new things on your site. You can find programs available also that will automatically send updates to your Facebook account, thus giving you free automatic promotion.

Myspace is less personal and more of a market place for venders of all kinds. You can have personal pages but it isn’t like Facebook. This is a really good place to promote your music. Musicians can make an artist page which is different from you standard Myspace page. You can upload your music and it will keep track of how many times each song was played by other Myspacers. You can post pictures of your band and the lyrics to your songs. You can even sell your music directly from your Myspace page. I have a blog on Myspace and I promote my blog by posting excerpts of it on the bulletin board. The bulletin board is a place where all your friends can see the post without you having to send it to each of them individually. This form of free promotion takes time and your friends could miss your post if they have a lot of friends and hundreds of posts on their page. This is where automatic promotion comes in handy. There are a lot of programs available for Myspace. These programs can send a message to each of your friends individually without you even having to be there. Simply type in the message and select the friends you want the message to be sent to, click send and walk away.

The most obvious advantage to paid promotion is that you don’t have to do it yourself. You can use your time in other ways. It is crucial that the company or people you have doing your internet web site promotion are reliable and know what they are doing. If they don’t they will not get the job done and may ruin your web site’s reputation, causing you to have to start all over. These companies will have many services available. They can do basic promotion or even take your web site on completely and promote it 100%. Which of their internet web site promotion services is used will be entirely based on how much you are willing to spend.

Another option is to hire a freelancer. There are people out there who have the tools and connections to promote your web site. The best way to see if they can provide for you with the internet website promotion that you require is to look at some of the sites that they have done and check the traffic results. This could prove to be a cheaper form of internet web site promotion. Once the channels are set up and the promotion is under way, I would have the freelancer set it up so that it was run by programs that would give me automatic promotion

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