Rank Tracker: Extracts Top Quality Keywords within Minutes

There is a simple and quick method of tapping the vast resources and extracting quality and effective keywords. The Rank Tracker tool is great for working with keywords as it verifies the position of the websites and also keeps track of their fluctuating ranking in search results page. The software is used by thousands of web people and hundreds of SEO users. Initially, one needs to download the Rank Tracker tool in their computer. While the tool is being run, the “new button” is clicked to create a new project. The Rank Tracker would want the URL of the website to be entered followed by the search engines in which the site owner is interested in. Typing the keyword related to the site owner’s business would immediately display the site’s ranking with that particular word. When the generic keywords related to the niche business is entered, the Rank Tracker uses these search terms and identifies the apt keywords as well as suggests some other relevant keywords.


The tool normally asks the site owner to select the keyword research method. The Rank Tracker stops searching depending on the number of keywords and speed of net connection. The site owner has the liberty to select any of the keywords the suggestion tool displays. Once the suggested keywords are displayed, the tool easily singles out the most effective and quality keywords. As soon as the owner has decided on the selected keywords, the “Finish button” can be clicked to reveal the chosen key phrases that appear in “keywords tab”. The same procedure can be repeated with other tools namely Word Tracker, Yahoo Search Assist and Ask Search Suggestions, etc. This process develops lengthy list of keywords that contains diverse search terms.


It is also important to find the keywords used by competitors. This strategy works as the innovative keywords of rival websites can be incorporated in the owner’s website. Localizing the search zone by adding regionally marked keywords in the list also helps as web people often search for products or services that are within the vicinity of their locality. To implement this strategy, taking some keywords from the selected list of keywords and clicking on “suggests button” of the Rank Tracker tool and opting for “word combination” reveals the localized search terms. However to get the exact picture and regional keywords, the site owner has to incorporate the regional names to the list that has been displayed. Usually after a few seconds, a fairly good number of regionally marked keywords are exposed by the tool.


The task of selecting thematically most relevant keywords does not end here as the list is still massive. Hitting on the “suggests button” once again simplifies the task as the repeated procedure helps in identifying the more straight to the point key phrases and reveals the most precise search terms to choose from. But the most confusing aspect is that the keyword list is still huge and the quality keywords need to be differentiated from the ordinary ones. Selecting the highly competitive keywords systematically can achieve top Google ranking. Millions of people search with these targeted keywords and through the powerful research tool the site owner discovers the customers’ requirements enabling the website to receive maximum traffic. Selecting the “money keywords and key phrases” help in targeting those visitors who are interested in buying products / services and are not merely looking for information.


This procedure also helps to build a negative list and eliminates certain keywords that have potentially low return on investment (ROI). Implementing keyword tools for discovering strategic keywords has yielded astounding results for niche markets and is believed to be one of the most cost effective SEO strategies.

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