How to Reach Teens with Fashion Marketing Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.22.2012




According to the latest statistics, teen spending has reached the point of billions of dollars. There’s no doubt that the teen market is indeed a potent one, as anyone involved in fashion marketing Los Angeles can tell you. You’re probably tempted to lay claim to a piece of the pie, especially if your product or service is appropriate for teenagers. There are several ways you can properly and effectively market your services to teens.


Teenagers go through a wide range of development in an amazingly brief span on time. Before you lump all teenagers into one category, consider that thirteen-year-olds are wildly different from seventeen-year-olds, and a lot can change in just a couple years.


You should know exactly which subset of teenagers you are marketing to before lumping them all into one big category. After all, not all things will appeal to both thirteen-year-olds and sixteen-year-olds. Segmenting based just on demographics is a weak tactic; segment based on what your targeted age range cares about and customize your message to their wants and needs. Every stage of a teen’s life reveals untapped potential, yet you must first know what their interests and concerns are.


Give your teen audience an outlet through which to express themselves and be heard. Teens generally have very strong opinions on issues that matter to them, and will probably want to reach out to others who feel the same way you do. Let your website give teens a stage on which to express themselves, whether it be a comment board, forum, or a place to post videos. Don’t force your products on them; instead, take a poll and let them decide.


Your brand and brand message should be strong across various media channels, as any SEO company CA will attest to. Both adults and teens respond to a strong branding message in your internet marketing in Los Angeles strategy. If your brand doesn’t typically focus marketing directly to teens, you can try a dual marketing campaign with another company that markets primarily to teenagers and young adults.


Along with a strong message should be relevance. If you have a particular teen segment targeted, be sure you are familiar with their interests in order to start a stimulating conversation they can relate to. For instance, don’t talk to seventeen-year-olds about cartoons that only thirteen-year-olds generally watch.


Updating your website, products and brand is also very important in the teen sphere. A teenager’s tastes can be fleeting, so you’ll want to keep up with all the latest trends and hop on the bandwagon.  The more you update your site, the more likely teenagers will be coming back for more.


A good brand for teenagers is also an honest you. Don’t make yourself something it isn’t. Teens can often read “B.S.” and are too savvy to be lied to. On the other hand, teens are likely not as cynical towards marketing messages as adults generally are; as long as you’re honest, you’ll win at least some teens over.


Marketing to teenagers can be a very profitable endeavor if you know how.

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