Reaching Out and Connecting through Los Angeles Social Media Marketing

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.11.2012


As a business’s marketer, you have been given a high position of power and it may almost seem like you have control of the business’s fate.  In a way you do because your marketing campaign can lead to a high success or a terrible downfall.  It is why some businesses may be uneasy with taking on a marketing business since they are giving you a lot of power and hoping that you do the job right and give them more customers.  It is why you, as the marketing strategist, must be able to relate with the owner to calm their fears and assure them that you can give their business the boost it needs.


The owners are not the only ones with who it would be beneficial to be in close contact with.  The consumers are as much of a part of the business as you and the owner are.  They impact the business greatly when they choose to buy or not buy anything that the business has to offer.  By connecting with them, you open a door and get to know them on a more personal level.  In doing so, you learn what they like about the company, what they dislike, and what they feel should be different or kept the same.  All this feedback leads to a better business and to keeping and gaining more customers.


But the question is: how can you get in touch with the customers who want to share their opinions?  While those with strong opinions that they just have to share are more than likely to contact you, you still want to have an easy and more accessible option for all of the customers to be able to get to.  The best solution is through social media sites.


Social media Los Angeles is how most of today’s consumer population finds out about good and new businesses.  Through sites like Yelp, consumers provide feedback on their experiences with businesses.  For a Los Angeles social media marketing strategy, you should set up an accurate Yelp business page with all the business’s correct information such as hours of operation and what the business has to offer.


From there, just make sure to constantly check what the customers are saying.  Everything they say is valuable and can greatly influence future customers.  It is key to address the issues and graciously accept the praise.  By showing that you want to hear from the customers, you show that you care about their business and you want to do everything you can to keep it.  It is a great way to get loyal customers.


As the business marketer, you may require assistance for some marketing techniques in order to ensure that they are taken care of properly.  For this, you may need a SEO company Los Angeles.  SEO, or search engine optimization, is another great way to connect the business to the online community.  It reaches out to the Internet users by getting the business’s information such as websites or its Yelp page to the top of Internet search engine results pages.


Whether it is with the business owner, the customers, or other marketing agencies, connections are everything in the business world.  The right connections can bring a great amount of success and lead to the flourishing of a company.

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