Reaching the Major Search Engine Sites through Tool and Technique for Search Engines.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/19/2009

Search engine optimization is the effective marketing of your website in the search engines. Search engines can be responsible for producing the largest audience your business has ever had.  They are the top spot for Internet marketers to advertise and the most utilized by the billions of Internet users.  Most every Internet user and especially marketers are aware of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask search engines, with Google being in the number one position but there are many other search engine sites as well.  Ones that specialize in particular products and ones that are just lesser known but too can further your rankings in the major search engines.


Optimizing your website is the first step in search engine optimization.  This will include carefully choosing the best and popular keywords to your website theme or product and constructing your website using the keywords.  You will want to use the keywords throughout the context of your content and especially in the upper portion of your content.  Only optimize one page at a time.  Do not optimize all the pages together.  You may choose not to have the same keywords for other pages but ones that would better fit.


One search engine tool that is wise to consider using is the Page Checker.  This search engine tool will check for duplicate and similar material against your web pages and also that of other webmasters websites on the Internet.  This is an excellent tool as the search engines often penalize for duplicate and similar content.


Before taking off to the marketing arena with your website, doing a little research on the different search engine tools may help you with the marketing of your website.  There are many search engines tools that benefit the webmaster and help to achieve greater search engine optimization.  A little research will help you decide which will be the most useful for you.


Another great place to make certain you have the entire basis covered is at a search engine optimization forum.  These forums are where marketers gather to share ideas and information.  You will be able to listen to other marketers and gather ideas of what strategies they are using to further the success of the business along with the failures they may be having.  This is a great place to learn and receive a helping hand.  Not to mention to make contacts.


Contacts are something that you will need on the Internet.  Whether it is getting ideas for your business or throwing around ideas for your business.  You will want to develop contacts with other marketers and you will want to develop a following to your business.  Your sales made through the company will also become your contacts.  Normally the marketer keeps up with contacts that have purchased from him with new ideas and information or promotions or just a friendly hello.  This will continue the relationship with the customer.


Contacts with other net workers can easily be made through sites such as Adlandpro, DirectMatches and Facebook.  Here you will find interested marketers in one another businesses and interested marketers sharing ideas.  The sites are somewhat like a community and often times when someone is searching for something they will look to a member within the site.  For example if you are looking for new insurance you would search the site for insurance agents.


Before beginning advertising consider using an ad tracker on your ads.  This will let you know where the visitors to your website are coming from.  It is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.  Each campaign should have their own ad tracker so you know what campaign and where the visitor came from.


Many marketers chose to begin with email campaigning.  One very productive form of email campaigning is through the specialized lead sites. These sites basically take the chore of campaigning from the marketer and present the marketer in the most professional manner to World Wide Web prospects.


To find a great package for lead email campaigning visit:

  1. ContactLeads.
  1. They provide thousands of leads provide professionally written emails and set up auto responders for any responses to your email and for follow ups.
  2. They also offer a great introductory package with the first month costing just a few dollars and a reasonable price after that.


Another form of advertising that should not be looked over marketers is forum posting.  Although you can not set it and forget it at the forums it is a great place to advertise.  With the amount of forums on the Internet today it may be very easy to find a forum that matches the product you are selling.  For example if you are selling a cookbook then you definitely would want to locate cooking forums just as if you were selling garden hoses you would want to locate gardening or green forums.  Forums are great for posting banners on as well.  The marketer needs to remember with forums that they must check back in and respond to any readers’ comments or questions.  Without doing this you will not achieve the results you want and interested prospects will not take you seriously or with authoritatively.


Everyone has a chance with Internet marketing.  It is cost efficient and fair.   However it is time consuming.  There are very few people that make it to the top without devoting a lot of time and effort to the process.  It takes devotion.  Get familiar with the different sites on the Internet that can help you and make friends that will help teach and share knowledge with you.  You may find that with proper instruction you can be the next Internet guru.  The key is to be persistent and do not give up.  Everything takes time and everything takes study.  You will not make a wave without knowledge under your belt.

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