Reaching the Top through Web Search Engine Optimization and using the Local Engines, News and Watch – A must for every Marketer.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/18/2009

Unless one is running a business in which they market on the World Wide Web typically they do not have any idea as to the media marketing world of the Internet.  There is a wide array of advertising that results in gaining the Webmaster or marketer success in the ratings in the search engines.  The search engine is what provides the information one is looking for when a search is typed into the browser ones Internet.  Web search engines are designed to for Internet users to search the World Wide Web for information.  A user searches for the information they are seeking and the results are presented in a list.  The information may consist of a variety of files such as web pages, information, images and other.


A web search engine works by storing information about the different web pages which is retrieved from the World Wide Web.  A Web crawler retrieves the information and producing the results in a listing.  The listing is compiled through analyzing the contents of each web page to determine where it should be indexed.  Data regarding the webpage is taken into consideration such as title words, headings and meta tags.


Internet users typically use keywords or a keyword phrase to search the World Wide Web for information on the subject.  When the Internet user enters a search into the search engine using the words, the engine searches its index and pulls up a listing of the best-matched web pages according to criteria.  The web search engine listing typically includes a short summary with the title of the web page or document and a brief description of the text.  As with all results the top listing will be based on relevancy and votes or the number of visitors that the site has had.  This is where you see the power of search engine optimization and getting to the top of the rankings in the search engines.  It is mandatory for a marketer.


One search on the Internet could result in millions of web pages that match the search.   However, they will be listed in reference to the most prevalent or most important, those having the most authority.  These sites ranking will be determined by the content and the sites popularity, in other words, the sites that have the most visitors to their websites.  For the majority, web search engines are commercial ventures that are supported through advertising revenue, With some, a webmaster may actually be able to purchase their spot in the listings, while other are determined through the content and popularity.


There are billions of Internet users worldwide and for every business utilizing the Internet search engine optimization is important.  One very popular search on the Internet among users is the local search.  This is when an Internet user performs a local search engine to search for something in their hometown.  Major search engines are constantly updating and scouring for information to have the most well rounded “local” phone book in their listings.


Other popular search engines are the search engine watch and search engine newsSearch engine watch is a website in which the Internet user can utilize to acquire news and information about search engines and search engine marketing.  Started by Danny Sullivan in 1996, it is a website that is related to search engine strategies being called the most authoritative source on the World Wide Web.  Search engine news brings the Internet user the latest news for marketing media on the Internet.  It is important for the Internet marketer to keep up to date on the latest and most successful techniques and these two sites are masters at providing the information to the Internet marketer.


Every marketer considering search engine optimization should visit Search Engine News as it is:

  1. The most informative source of search engine optimization and marketing conducted by true professionals available for the marketer on the web.


Search Engine Watch should be visited for:

  1. The best guidelines available on the web for search engine optimization.


Marketing news is a great way for the Internet marketer to keep their business up to date and on top of the World Wide Web.  These sites are well recognized for their quality and knowledge and the informative people that provide the content to the sites.  The search engines are the map on the Internet.  It is important for your website to have high exposure in the search engine results.  This can be achieved and the numbers of methods or techniques one can use to achieve these results are varied.  These sites will help with the most useful information to ensure success and what the latest news is.  Marketing on the Internet is your bread and butter and it is advisable for every Internet marketer to get their feet wet and learn the marketing media of the Internet to better understand and help to ensure the success of their business.


When first beginning on the world of the Internet, it is advisable to study.  There are many places screaming for your attention and to have you take a look at their products or services.  However, it is best to research and gain background knowledge so that you can develop properly and put together a well designed strategic plan.  This may be done independently or with the help of a professional.  This will be where your company is at and where it is going.  Stay with sites that you know are providing correct and up to date information.  Possibly read through the different success rates of the different Internet Universities if you chose to utilize one of these sources.   These programs are another great place to you acquires the knowledge for successful Internet marketing.    Know the importance of your link in Internet marketing…  This is your personal address on the Internet.  Its keywords or keyword phrases, content and popularity is what will give your site or business the exposure for success.  Knowing the value of your link is a must.  A high ranking in the search engine results is mandatory to open the door to world wide visitors.  With careful consideration and a well thought out strategic plan the World Wide Web can be the most productive marketing media you have.  Your audience is the entire world and reaching them is something that you can acquire.

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