Real Estate Search Engine Optimization, Techniques and Tools will get you Advanced Ranking in Major and all Search Engines

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/20/2009

The Internet has sent businesses booming in every industry and the real estate market is no exception.  Real estate search engine optimization has steadily been growing on the Internet.  For today’s agent or Real Estate Company it is necessary to practice search engine optimization of their site.   This achieves the competitive edge over their competitors and keeps their business booming.   Real estate search engine optimization will achieve high rankings or placement in the search engines.  With proper real estate search engine optimization you will not only be receiving high volume to your site you will receive quality visitors thus increasing your sales volume.  Gaining the number one position in the search engines is real estate search engine optimization and it is achievable.


There are four elements to superior search engine placement that will need to be focused on designed and developed to reach the goal of the number position in the Google search engine placement rankings.  To begin you should chose to include the use of a highly targeted site theme.  This will be the result of research of what is best suited for your product or service and will be the concept for your site.  Optimization will begin with your homepage and you will continue one page at a time building creditable online endorsements and utilize the ability to track your website and campaigning results.


Your site keywords are something that you will want to take in careful consideration.  You will want rich keywords that will be popular with the Internet searchers.  Your page will be designed to match your keywords.  Keyword analysis will help you to choose the right keywords.  You must remember that while the content on your site is keyword rich, it should not look like spamming. Meaningful and worthwhile content should be properly mixed with keywords to gain the maximum mileage.


After you have chosen your theme and keywords that will be successful with your targeted market or audience, make certain that each page of your website reflects the theme.  You can accomplish this through optimization.


Optimizing your site will include:

  1. title tags
  2. heading tags
  3. anchor text.
  4. The search engines will also be able to easily navigate access of the page or pages, links, and site maps.


Once this is achieved it is time to become a creditable marketer on the Internet.  This will be done through search engine optimization strategy.  You will do this by using numerous online endorsements and by producing high value content to validate the value of your site to your visitors.  This is of benefit to both your visitors and the search engines


Search engine placement ranking will develop through search engine optimization. If done properly it is virtually impossible not to achieve.  However, you can just as quickly go down.

Monitoring and constant campaigning is a must.


Search engine ranking tools are a method used to help with optimizing your site and will increase its productivity to.  Through the use of a search engine ranking tool you will help to optimize your website and position yourself higher in the search engines.  There are many search engine ranking tools that will ensure your success.  The market is full of tools for the s.  Google also has a search engine ranking tool that will measure your popularity.


Real estate marketing also has the advantage of advanced search engines.  Google is one such engine that has this advanced search engine.  Through the advanced search engine the user will be asked to submit a number of search words, an exact wording or word phrase, asked not to show pages with certain words, how many page results, what language, and search within a domain.  These are listings that will provide prime results to the user.


The real estate marketers’ goal will be to be listed in as many of the major search engines as possible.  A major search engine would be Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask and the goal is to be in the number one position.  Google is in the number one position in the major search engines right now, being the most used.  This definitely does not mean that other search engines will not benefit you, but with the popularity of Google on the rise, you will want to make full use of it.


As a real estate professional you know you must master new strategies and tactics for today and the future success of your real estate business.  Internet marketing is part of the new age of marketing and must be conquered by the real estate professional in order to enter the success with the new age of Internet.  With the age of the Internet the rules in marketing, buying and selling real estate have changed.  And, as a real estate professional this could put you over the top in sales as never before.


Getting to the top of the search engine results will take a well devised strategic plan.  One simple search using the keywords “real estate” in your browser will yield over 3.5 billion results.  That is an incredible number.  As with any area a professional may be your best service when strategic planning through Internet marketing.  The real estate marketing professional is a trained individual equipped to help you achieve your results through knowledge, understanding and knowing the Internet real estate market.  It will be necessary to know everywhere you can reach your target audience and produce hits to your site.  It will be mandatory to know how to market.  The real estate professional marketer will bring you into places such as eBay and other areas where they can begin to expose your site to a target audience.  They have the insight and knowledge to bring you to the top.  A well designed site and marketing strategy can get you far in your marketing efforts however it may also take the help of a professional to get you to the top

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