Relearning SEO with an SEO Consultant Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.15.2012


Google has recently updated its search engine algorithm to deal with the unsatisfactory results Google users were getting when they searched for answers.  While the old algorithm found results that had the keywords that the Google user typed in, the websites that showed up on the results pages were considered to be of low quality content.  The new algorithm, nicknamed Penguin, not only looks for sites that contain the searched for keywords, but also has high quality.  It is because of these new standards that many websites do not show up as high on the search engine results list as they did before Penguin came in to the picture.  SEO companies especially have had to do some damage control.


SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a marketing technique for making a website more noticeable on search engines like Google and Bing.  Previously, some SEO companies bombarded the internet with sites containing a bunch of nonsense keywords and many links that led to low content sites.  It is because of these bad SEO companies that Google decided to clean up the Internet and set the new rules in place.  From these new rules, Google users have found that their results are more likely to have what they are looking for the first  time and the websites are of a great quality.


Not all SEO companies partook in the bad habits of stuffing an article with keywords and adding bad links.  However, the new algorithm has still affected some of these SEO companies Los Angeles and their rankings are lower.  How can this affect be fixed quickly?


The first step is to look at the keywords.  You already know that you should not be using a lot of them but it is still an essential part of SEO to have them.  The key is to pick words that most people are going to use when searching for your topic.  But the keyword should not be just any word that people search with regularly; it has to be one that is relevant to your website’s topic.  Remember, the keyword is what you want people who are going to purchase your merchandise or service to use.  There are tools that a professional SEO consultant Los Angeles uses to determine exactly what these keywords should be.  Someone who is an expert in SEO can filter out irrelevant words and instead find the correct keywords.


The next step to fixing your website is to properly utilize these keywords without overdoing it.  Remember, Google now checks for sites that overstuff with keywords so you will only be hurting your site more by trying to get it under the radar.  It’s a tricky skill to master because you want to have the keyword stand out but using it too many times is a no-no.  Many media companies Los Angeles are still having trouble with this delicate balance.


That’s about all there is to it.  If the algorithm has affected your rankings on search engines, these little tidbits of information can get you back up in the ranks to where you were before or maybe even higher.

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