Requirements for SEO Firm Website Design

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 8.29.2012


SEO consulting services will tell you that the value of good web design should never be underestimated. A well-designed website will not only be pleasing to use and good on the eyes, but it will add credibility to your site and business, ultimately breeding trust and business from your customers. Solid web design will also reflect the attitudes of the business itself, as well as the business’ attitudes towards its customers.

When it comes to good web design for SEO expert services, there are several good rules to abide by. If you’re considering hiring a web designer, or have already done so and are reviewing his work, it’s good to keep these simple rules in mind.

The first, and perhaps one of the most important rules, is to make the website intuitive. A visitor shouldn’t have to think too hard in learning how to use your SEO firm website. The machinations of the website should be obvious from the get-go. Be sure the navigation bar is visible and easy to follow.

Be sure not to waste the visitor’s time. If your site requires that its users sign up as members, make the process as short and sweet as possible. Most viewers will probably not have the patience to go through more than four steps in the membership process.

If you’re selling a new product, be sure the web design subtly performs the function of drawing attention to the product. Don’t use pop-ups or wild banner ads, as this can quickly annoy and drive away viewers.

Be sure that all the content you have on the website is clearly visible from the homepage. For instance, if your website is divided into six divisions, be sure that all six can be seen on the header. Be transparent and so all that you have to offer at the get-go.

Many online marketers and SEO firms have given high praise to original content as a great marketing tool, and they’re not overstating the importance of good content. Write original content on your website will also greatly effect your web design in a positive manner. Be sure your content is categorized correctly and has easy-to-scan headers.

Whatever you do, don’t complicate things for the reader. Visitors usually go to websites for the content and not for the web design. Even if your web design is lacking at the moment, at the very least make it easy for the reader to find and read information.

Web designers have preached the importance of white space. White space is indeed an effective strategy in keeping the reader engaged by implementing a space to give their eyes a momentary “break” in between written content. Make the best use of space on your website and don’t clutter it. Keep the organization of your content as simple as possible.

While you want to keep your web design as original as you can, keeping some familiar formats will help your visitors feel more oriented and “at home” in your site. Placing search field in a common place, or using common terms like “sign in” or “log in” will ease the visitor into your site easily.

Using solid web design will compliment your business and the content you provide to your visitors. Your visitors will appreciate the effort you put in, and may even become future customers.

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