Revenue-Generating Website Secrets for Search Engine Optimisation Services

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 7.19.2012


The Internet has come to serve as one of the best ways for consumers to get answers on whatever questions need to be answered – whether it be about a product or service, or how to get there, and much more.


A potential customer will delve into searching for such answers on the Internet, and the beauty of this ubiquitous machine is that it likely won’t take a customer too long to find what they’re looking for; this is why a small attention span seems to be a common trait among Internet users, as they expect results fast. In terms of your search engine optimisation services,you will really only have a few seconds to impress your prospective customer on the Internet. If you’ve failed to have as many followers as you’d like, then you’re probably missing out on a few key aspects that will make your website generate more revenue.


One way to attract a customer’s attention is to have a bold, attention-grabbing headline at the top of every page and blog entry. The headline should subscribe to a “what you see is what you get” philosophy while at the same time delivering on those results and keeping it engaging. The headline must be short and indicate any incentive to be had by having a customer read it. Because there are so many websites out there, you have to give customers a very good reason to stick around your website.


Also, make sure the headline is more than about just yourself. The term “ego marketing” is all too common among Internet companies, which forgoes marketing to the customer to marketing to themselves. The headline should always apply to the customer and what you have to offer them.


Make sure that you break up paragraphs and blocks of information. More than two paragraphs a page is likely too much for an Internet user’s short attention span to handle. Also, you don’t have to give every shred of information about your service right on the page; leave your contact information and have the customer come to you for more information.


Include a call to action on every page, but no more than two. If you overpower your customer with too many choices on one page, they’ll be left undecided and may not opt for your services at all. You one clear call to action should have one option and how the customer can take action, such as to call a number or email.


In terms of color palette, your website should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and should include no more than three basic colors. These three colors should complement each other; clashing colors creates chaos for the eyes and will turn off a customer instantly.


Be sure to include only the most relevant information about your business. While it’s nice to add personalization and flair to your website, it may also turn off some customers, especially if you introduce certain biases that customers aren’t privy to. On your personal or “About Me” page, be sure to include your business experience and nothing about your political or religious beliefs (unless your business is a religious or political institution).


Search engine optimisation services would do well to apply good advice into their company website building, as keeping the customer in mind will reap positive, revenue-generating results.

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