Role of Flash, Javascript and “No Frames” on Web Page

Flash, Java Script and “No Frames” make the design of a web page look extremely appealing and attractive. But for search engines they are hindrances as most of the time they hide the contents of a site and disallow them from being read by search engine robots. These robots have “crawling” difficulties which have Flash or “no Frame” in their web design. In order to allow robots to “crawl” the site, the site owner should ensure that Flash, Java Script and “no Frames” appeal to robots.


The primary function of “Frames” is to permit the display of multiple HTML documents in the same browser window. The web user can scroll both segments of the browser window independently. Whenever the browser window is fragmented into segments with individual window appearing as a single web page, it indicates that the site uses “Frames”.  If the website has “Frames”, the site owner cannot be certain that the robot would “crawl” the pages accurately. It is advisable, therefore, to either entirely remove the “Frames” and re-structure the site completely or use the “No Frames” tag. These tags are exclusive and help search engines to easily “crawl” the web pages of that particular site. Usually Webmasters help in re-structuring a site or placing the “No Frames” tag.


Flash is defined as graphic animation that is believed to provide a “funky” look to the site and is mainly used for appearance-sake without any significant utility purpose. Normally Flash does more harm to a site when it is used as a navigational feature. Though it is implemented by web designers but if Flash displays a text, search engines do not recognize it. The site owner may use attractive Flash animation which conveys appealing messages along with good links and precise keywords. But search engines look at these graphics as just a set of images where neither the key words nor the rich textual content of the links would convey to robots the contents of the site.


In this context, websites with Flash embedded animation in their navigation feature have to re-think about rebuilding the web design. Webmasters often offer innovative ideas where either they get rid of Flash or duplicate the navigation bar without Flash and locate the same at the bottom of the web page. Like Flash, Java Script also poses harm to the site when used as navigational elements like different “menus”. In most cases whenever JavaScript is used in navigation, the website’s ranking is at risk as it does not ensure that robots would read the script easily. Experiences of veterans indicate that over 50% of sites using Java Script have problems with robots as they avoid “crawling” such sites. To prevent this problem from cropping up, the Webmasters eliminate the harmful script or include a “No Script” section. Removal of Flash, “Frames” and Java Script from any website involves professional skills especially from those familiar with HTML.

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