Search Engine Keyword Ranking For Monitoring Relevancy

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


Search engine keyword ranking is based on the location and frequency of keywords on a web page. Pages with the search terms appearing in the HTML title tag often assume greater relevance than others. Search engines also check to see whether the search keywords appear on top of a web page like in the headline or within the description of a text. They presume that any page relevant to the topic would specify those words right at the beginning. Frequency is the other major factor used in search engine keyword ranking algorithm. A search engine analyzes how frequently the keywords appear in relation to other words in a web page. Those displaying a higher frequency are often deemed more relevant in comparison to the other web pages.


The ability to ascertain words and phrases people use is invaluable for a web client. As soon as the business organization is aware of the keywords relevant to their niche, they have the unique ability of creating and redesigning a highly relevant web content that assists the site visitors as well as enhances their credibility. A keyword survey of the previous website is normally performed to gain an insight on search engine keyword ranking.


One of the most effective modes of generating more traffic to any site is by creating back links. These back links from relevant sites boosts the client’s page rank while ensuring that their web pages obtain a particular place and top ranking when Google searches for that specific keyword. It is true that getting a web page ranked in Google for one primary search term is a real challenge as those keywords are normally out of range of most marketers in respect to time and money resources. So the best possible alternative to increase search results and rank the product in a particular niche is to select secondary keywords that trigger a lot of searches. Once the suitable keyword with good search volume having minimal competition and a web page has been designed, the advertisers can begin creating back links to that page using several resources. These back links should normally be from high traffic sites.


This also reveals those keywords that draw-in most traffic and produce a higher conversion rate. While conducting keyword research one has to consider Relevancy, Search volume and Competition. While relevancy reveals whether the keyword is really relevant in context of website content, search volume shows the popularity of a particular keyword and the number of people searching with the same keyword. Competition signifies the competitiveness of keywords and phrases used in a website. Identifying the right keyword is the primary tool in search engine keyword ranking and ensures that the website content would be promoted strategically.


The five essential elements to consider during Search engine keyword ranking are:


  1. Research tools – Search engine algorithms have evolved Keyword Discovery and Word Tracker tools which reveal what others think about the content and words used to describe inbound links.


  1. Be specific – It would be appropriate to use specific keyword phrases based on geography and specialty product or services. This yields a more targeted audience, similarly usage of synonyms also helps.


  1. Number of hits and their strength – It is beneficial if web owner pays attention to the relative popularity of the search term which is revealed by the monthly search results. Being realistic also helps and a web owner should aim for something attainable initially and then go for keyword combination if the more competitive search term does not yield the desired result.


  1. Highly relevant search terms – Ensuring that search terms that are being considered are extremely relevant when it comes to attaining the ultimate objective. But at times, more careful consideration is necessary in context of subscription, contribution and content publication.


  1. Develop a resource – This is the primary factor to be considered when contemplating whether a particular keyword phrase supports the content development and provides valuable resources for readers.


The first four elements are usually the basic operating procedure but the last element is a more important feature as it creates keywords that target the right audience for instantaneous success and is the key factor in search engine keyword ranking.

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