Search Engine Marketing Company Los Angeles Techniques on How to Inspire Customer Loyalty in Four Dimensions

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.18.2012


Los Angeles marketing companies know that inspiring customer loyalty is key to keeping them and expanding your customer base via word of mouth. A business can do this by creating a collaborative bond between customer and company. A company should keep its most loyal customers close to the chest by delivering well-timed and personalized messages and discounts. Any California SEO company understands that a company must stay relevant in terms of consumer needs and maintain rich interactions with them.

The methods of inspiring customer loyalty lie in four basic intervals, which reveal the depths of customer behaviors. Appealing to your customer’s behavior will help you better relate to the customer in order to make your message resonate.

The first dimension is spatial. This refers to the physical location of your company, as well as the architectural layout and how the customer enters and gets around your company building or offices. Your more regularly customers, more likely than not, will live in close proximity to your business for convenience sake.

The second dimension is temporal, which indicates timing. Consider any life changes or transitions in a customer’s life that may alter what products they end up purchasing from you. For example, if you know several of your customers are getting married this summer, send those customers personalized discount offers for flowers several months before, when they are planning the wedding.

Search engine marketing company Los Angeles tend to keep a backlog of demographic data about their customers. This isn’t too shabby an idea for any business, including your own. Keeping a log of customers’ previous purchase histories are also important, as well as regularly keep up to date with your customer’s goings-on.

The third dimension is individual, which reflects the one customer’s sole interests, passions and needs. The more you know about a customer’s personal interests, the better you can market to that person. Consider previous purchase histories and find any consistent patterns with similar products; after all, just because a customer once bought a mixing bowl, doesn’t make her a cooking fiend.

The fourth dimension is cultural. Your customers will likely participate in or belong to different kinds of groups and events. This includes not only religious and spiritual activities, but any activities that bring a large group of people together, or any lifestyle choices that may define your customer’s activities outside of work. The kind of activities your customers get involved in outside of the workplace may very well predict what they purchase in the future.

The point of so thoroughly understanding consumer behavior is to make your customers the center of your company and your mission. By putting your customers at the center of your attention, you can mine them for valuable information and work your way out in order to both better serve your customers and ensure customer loyalty.

In order to make your services more customer-centric, collect all of the vital data on your customers. Much of the data you find on a customer will be relevant regardless of any big life changes that may occur. Any data you find will yield deeper information about your customer and elevate your customer’s expectations.

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