Search Engine Optimization and Internet services in Los Angeles California

Staff writer: Anjalee Khemlani

Date: July 18, 2009


Search engine optimization in Los Angeles (SEO) is an Internet-based service that encourages your business’ traffic on the Web. This method deals with the science behind search engines. The search engine optimization services are available in many places, but a solid bet is Search engine optimization in California Los Angeles or anywhere in California. The reason being that these SEO firms have the advantage of being near the hub of technology: Silicon Valley.  In enjoying this proximity they are likely to be receiving local and leaked news that will be advantageous for their services to you. For example any time the search engine companies change their methods or have some new rules or updates, their proximity ensure they are constantly updated and have immediate access to the information.

Search Engine Optimization services and the Internet

If search engines are like grocery store aisles, if you are walking down the cookie aisle and your favorite cookie box is hiding behind a few others and you can’t see it, and you walk away empty-handed. That is how you want your customers to feel about your site. Only satiated by the service you provide.

Just as in a grocery store there are two different sets of people checking on the stock of this brand of cookies. The first are the grocery store employees. The second are the auditors from the company.

The grocery store employees, representing the search engine employees, will keep watch and ensure that results are fairly displayed by relevancy and most updated. If your business is update frequently but isn’t in the top list, its possible the way your site was designed (in the coding) is causing harm. If the tags that were setup to identify your site are not attracting visitors from search engines, your tags may not be specific enough.

The employees of the grocery store can only work according to their guidelines. And they can’t just take up a whole shelf of your “cookies” if you aren’t selling enough. That would reflect badly on their business because they would not turn a profit. If you add a ton of tags to your sites coding, this would be called “meta tag stuffing” and search engines are already aware of this trick and will immediately ban you from their site. Even though it is the easiest fix for you, it is harmful to them because it gives their customers misguided information.

So the solution can only be good, organic search engine optimization services. If your site is tweaked in certain ways that would appeal to the search engine…you are in the club. It sounds shrewd and seductive but it is a safe and ethical method. This is where the third party comes in at the grocery store. The auditor, or search engine optimization firm, will ensure that your product is out there for the world to see, and clears the space needed for your “cookies” to sit in a visible place on the shelf.

The darker side of the business.

Now like in any business there is the dark side. If an SEO firm tries to stuff up the page unnecessarily with keywords, it is the equivalent of meta tag stuffing and can also get you in a lot of trouble if caught.

It’s as if the auditor has instead of just focusing on your cookie, on his own accord creates space for two rows of your cookies instead of the one that the store has designated. This is going against the system.

Search engine optimization services in Los Angeles, California

But now you get the general idea of how it works. Now how does a location in California, or Los Angeles specifically, equate to better search engine optimization service?

While news is available almost instantaneously thanks to the Internet, press releases and various other forms of communication, it takes time to research it and ensure you are up to date when you are halfway across the country. But if you live right next to the source of information…you could walk across the street, say hello, and find out what’s going on. So instead of along the East coast of the U.S., a firm in California or Los Angeles will likely be more updated on changes from the technology/search engine heads sitting in and around Silicon Valley.

With this information they can update your site, check it for any errors or problems, and ensure you are still qualified for top visibility. Since the search engines are one of the top sources of Internet traffic, it is only fitting that rather than this hoping and praying that this magical genie will select your site, you take control and get noticed.

The importance and benefits of search engine optimization services

After all, if somehow a person hears from word-of-mouth of your business or site, they feel confident they can find it through a search engine instead of having to remember exactly the site their friend told them. Don’t disappoint them by not taking the first and easiest step and helping your site onto main stage for all to see. If they don’t find it in the top few pages, they are going to assume your business doesn’t match their needs. It cannot be stressed how short of an attention span you are dealing with. You have a mere 30 seconds to convince the person scanning the page to read more or delve deeper into your site.

If they don’t find it in the top few pages, they are going to assume your business doesn’t match their needs. These people are likely to search an aspect of your business along with the location. Make sure that these are tagged or somewhere high up on your page. And that’s where your SEO Firm will be your biggest asset and help you achieve that.

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