Search Engine Optimization Companies Do NOT Write SEO Articles for SEO’s Sake

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.22.2012




There are poor misguided souls out there that believe that since Google wants SEO articles, they must stuff articles with as many keyword phrases as possible.  They have no idea why, just that Google wants these SEO articles.  The product of this is that SEO articles written for a search engine instead of actual people, which does nothing for them.


The clients wonder why the articles they wrote do not show up in the search results.  They met Google’s requirements.  They wrote the articles with the keyword phrases.  The problem?  The clients wrote the articles but they did not interest their target audience, which is what you are really trying to achieve.


When search engine optimization companies write SEO articles they focus more on the potential reader.  Your articles should be written with your target audience in mind, not search engine optimization.  Anything you write for your website or onto your website needs to have a reason or serve a purpose.  What is added should aways enhance your site for the targeted audience you are wanting.  Think about what will help secure a sale.  Do not fool yourself into thinking an article about the history of your product is going to help your targeted market buy if your gut is telling you it won’t help.


You should get into the mindset of your target audience and think about what will hinder a sale.  What will keep them from buying?  Is there anything to keep them from buying from you versus someone else? When you talk to search engine marketing companies they will encourage you to do this.  Think about if your product can be used with other different products, if it is a part what does it fit and what does it not fit on?  Maybe your potential buyers do not understand why the latest product is so much more expensive.  Why does it merit the cost?  These are questions you will need to answer, and the answers would benefit your audience.


Writing useful articles like these will actually boost your search engine optimization.  Since they will interest your target audience and are helpful, others will link back to these articles.  That will bring in traffic and more potential sales.  By writing articles for people instead of search engines, you have created your own SEO articles.  The articles will naturally contain long-tail keywords that will show in search engine results.


So when writing search engine optimization articles for your website remove the idea that you are writing for a search engine.  Instead focus on your targeted audience.  Think about what will optimize your website’s pages and what information will be best suited for this.  Also keep in mind what you can do to set your company apart from the competition.  Get creative and in the mindset of your potential buyers, think about what will convert those potential buyers into informed buyers who will only wish to buy from your company and will direct further potential buyers to your website as well.



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