Search Engine Optimization Services and Secrets including reaching the Top 10 Index and Photo Search

Erin Kilgour Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

With the marketing focus on SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimization Services have become a huge industry on the World Wide Web.


Search Engine Optimization Marketing aims at improving the traffic to your website through search engine index results using “natural” search results. Ideally speaking a site that appears earliest in the list of search results gets the highest number of site visits, first because most people deem it to be the most informative website and secondly because most people do not have the patience to read through the result list and search out the perfect website. The targets involved in search engine optimization are varied and include search of images, localized, industry specific (vertical) search. Search engine optimization provides web presence to the website. Search engine optimization marketing is a vital internet marketing strategy and tool. It is built upon the concepts of the working of search engines and the words or phrases people search mostly for. The optimization of a website involves content edition or addition and HTML coding so as to increase the relevance of content in relation to specific keywords and get rid of the barriers that hinder the search engines indexing activities. If you are unable to perform search engine optimization on your own, it is necessary to hire search engine optimization services or consultants who will provide you with search engine optimization, articles and tools. You can avail from stand alone services or become a part of broad marketing campaigns. Effective search engine optimization requires modifications in the HTML source code so as to incorporate tactics into the development and design of the website that makes it search engine friendly. These changes may mainly appear in the menus, images, videos, content management systems, shopping carts etc. This makes the search engine crawlers or spiders find your site easily. However, indulging in excessive search engine optimization through improper methods like link farms and keyword stuffed search engine optimization articles can lead to black hat or spamdexing. This not only degrades the relevance of the search results, but also leads to bad user experience by the browsers, leading to lowered faith in the search engine results. Search engine spiders specifically search for sites employing such techniques and remove them or black list them from its indices.


A good idea would be to read through informative search engine optimization tutorials so as to avoid getting blacklisted or removed. The services from a SEO consultant should include a detailed review of the content and structure of your site, advice on the technical aspects of the website development like error pages, loading time, redirects and the use of JavaScript, search engine optimization training, content development, tips on how to manage campaigns for online business development, keyword search and provide expert knowledge on specific markets and geographies. A good search engine optimization tutorial will tell you what questions you need to ask when hiring a consultant


Questions to consider:

  1.  How long the establishment has been in business.
  2. What are their credentials and what makes them the best candidate for your industry.
  3. Information of previous work.
  4. Check for online marketing services provided by them and former clients.
  5. Discuss what kind of results to expect and the timeframe.  Ask for methods in which they will be measuring your success.
  6. Their experience in developing SEO tactics for your country or city as well as for international sites.
  7. Discuss the most important search engine optimization techniques used by them.
  8. Ask them to share all information on the changes made to your site with detailed reasoning and recommendations.
  9. Confirm that they have good communication even after the project is completed.



The search engine optimization services will help you to devise the most successful path for campaigning and bring your website the most exposure.  It will position your business in the top listings in the search engines, making your website presence felt around the world.


Other areas of Internet marketing that are often overlooked are the photo search engine.  This is a specially designed search engine that works on photos.  Suppose you have a company that sells Disney photos.  You may wish to submit different photos of Disney characters which in turn could be utilized by the Internet user which may eventually lead to your site.  This is another form of Internet marketing through the search engines.  Submitting to as many search engines as possible is idea gaining you as much exposure and recognized by other search engines as well.  Many search engines crawl through websites searching for pertinent information on the site.


Being listed in the search engines and ranking high is the purpose of Internet marketing.  Submission in to the search engines is relatively easy.  There are many sites listing the top 10 search engine and some of the lesser known search engines that one can easily submit to at no cost to little cost.  Successful marketing will be the successful placement in the various search engines.  Make certain to resubmit your website to the various search engines monthly.  This will allow the search engines to continuously upgrade you in their index.  Being placed in the search engines and then becoming in the top ten rankings will be your goal to boost your customers and increase your sales volume.  Through successful marketing this is possible.  Having a good website does not guarantee sales or income. You need to advertise your site well so that people visit it, browse it and buy from it. This is where Search Engines come into play and a good search engine optimizationplan is your best bet at online advertising. This will be your modeling for your business in the presence and your projection for the future.

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