Search Engine Optimization Specialists Share How Easy Blogging Makes For Affordable SEO Sites

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.12.2012

When search engine optimization specialists are running a blog, it is extremely important to be aware of the quality of content.  Blogs are easily affordable search engine optimization sites.

Most of their organic search keywords are already located in them.  That is why content is so important.  One of the problems every blogger will run into is, “What in the world do I write about?”  Hopefully, some of these ideas spark topics of your own depending on what type of blog you are running.

While picking the topics to write about, remember to keep in mind that blogs should have a wide arrangement of topics.  That way the blog isn’t narrow minded and has the potential to bring in loads of traffic.


People love events.  It provides your readers with things they might not have known about otherwise.  Find events that pertain to your blog type and post them.  Readers that are in the area of the event can meet up and then you’re known as the one who brought them together.  If you get enough of a following you can host your own events.  Readers love to meet the blogger who relates to them so well.  Product reviews is another great way to spark traffic.  Not only are you providing a product review of something your readers will most likely use, but in the comments they can provide their own insight.

Give Aways

As much as people love events they love free stuff even more.  Run a giveaway as an incentive to read and follow your blog.  Maybe hold a few contests with prizes.  The prizes can be from products to a mention on your blog about their own site.  This is great at bringing in views, as well as, providing fun for your readers.


Tutorials and how-to guides can give you loads of things to talk about.  Show your readers how to do something in the form of a video.  This is a creative and interactive way to inform and educate people about products.

If show and tell isn’t your thing, explain how to spot the difference between a good product deal and a bad one.  Expand on an already made tutorial and offer your own insight.  Show your expertise.  Provide your unique insight in your particular field.  Debunk myths in your industry, spark a debate, talk about trends, how to avoid mistakes, etc.

There are so many things that you yourself can bring to the table and you should show that to your readers.  That is why they come to your site again and again.

Another thing to do is to provide interviews with experts from your industry or people who use your products or even an interview with yourself.  Allow readers to send in questions and you can then provide a blog post that elaborates more about what they want to know.

These ideas should help spark some different ways to expand on your blog and help jog your creativity.  Remember to write for the reader, not at the reader.


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