Search Engine Pay Per Click Ads for Effective Internet Advertising Campaigns.

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer,

Search engine pay per click advertising is currently the most accepted marketing optimization standard and is one of the most powerful advertising strategies. Most of the professional entrepreneurs are utilizing search engine optimization for increased targeted web traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo. This procedure augments web sales and guarantees vigorous web traffic for business expansion. Though pay per click advertising is an expensive business promotional tool, on-line advertising can be super cost effective and sales effective if clients utilize and apply for professional search engine services. Search engine pay per click advertising provides reasonable and honest calculation of on-line marketing costs. With search engine optimization advertisers invest in negligible amount but receive 100% free traffic. Online advertisers are usually interested in placing their website as top ranking in search engines like Google or Yahoo so that all keyword targeted hits may lead to their websites only.


Google Adwords is the most extensive and extremely well known pay per click search engine. It has built its own brand name with a market reach of over 10 billion web pages and hundred different language versions.


Google works on several products as well as projects and eventually remodels how the search engine responds to client’s interaction. Google captures the client’s request for information and measures the response by the data it provides to the client. By measuring the on-line response to a product, Google obtains key data that helps the search engines to improve the results being returned to the clients. “Web History Tool” is available to users of Google search. By using this tool, Google collects information about the sites visited by on-line web traffic and uses this data to generate a better response to people’s queries. Some main points for consideration are:


  • The ability “Web History Tool” offers clients to manage their web activity and search across the file text of the pages inclusive of Google searches, web pages, images and news stories.


  • Obtain search results that are more personalized and based on the client’s search on Google and other sites they have visited.


  • Generate reports on trends and web activities, the number of searches conducted at what time of the day and the sites that are most frequently visited.


Using this search engine for Internet advertising pay per click campaigns increases the client’s exposure by listing their sites prominently in search results and related search networks. The client has the liberty to edit ads and adjust budget until the desired results are achieved. Continually the text and ad format can be improvised while the clients are allowed to select the text and target the ads to specific geographical locations and languages. A one-time registration fee of USD $5 is required to display the Adword’s campaign. The ad starts running immediately within minutes.


All pay per click search engines are ranked by the bid price the client is willing to disburse. But in this context, Google takes into account the ad relevance and prefers those ads with higher click through rates. The client is permitted to create numerous ad campaigns, segregate the ads into specific keyword clusters and bid on as many keywords as their budget allows. There are various tools to help Internet pay per click advertising, including Google Analytics, for discovering appropriate keyword usage which would yield optimum results. Another tool, Website Optimizer, enable clients to test the different types of web contents on their landing pages so as to locate the best version that yields increased conversions. Using such search engine tools ensure that effective pay per click ads are performance oriented and yield the best results for optimizing business prospects. The content match facility offered by Internet advertising pay per click campaigns enable the client to broaden search results and tap customers through on-line publications, news letters and e-mails. This feature guarantees that the client’s ad appears in contents where the articles and product reviews are related to business prospects of clients rather than simply appearing on search ranking engines.


The local sponsored search tools used for Internet pay per click advertising, targets prospective customers who search on-line for products and services that are available in the immediate neighborhood. This assists in connecting the organization with customers who are interested in purchasing the products that on-line clients are selling. The Search Optimizer tool used in search engine pay per click advertising campaignsoptimizes results as they can set cost per purchase, cost per click or return on ad spend goals and sort keywords according to their overall performance. This also allows easy adjustment of the campaigns for improved results and permits traffic control whose adjustment is based on the time of the day and whether it is week day or week end.


For measuring the effectiveness of Internet advertising pay per click campaigns, the Marketing Console is an apt tool. This software allows the clients to view how their pay per click searches, e-mails and paid inclusive programs are performing at a single location. Tracking the performance of pay per click ad campaigns and the traffic generated by it can also be measured by such tools. Search engine pay per click advertising also offers Keyword Selector Tool and View Bids Tool to assist clients in keyword selection and observe the current maximum bids and listings. They also create customized ad titles and descriptions based on search terms. The Self Surf Plan, though being free, does not offer any assistance in setting up campaigns neither does the client listings receive expert feedback before submission. Advertisers who are on the lookout for fast results, are therefore recommended, to pay substantial amount for advertising their site in leading search engines which are well reputed, professional, backed up by great systems and excellent web traffic.


There is no better way to get targeted traffic than through effective pay per click ads. This is possible through selection of performance oriented keywords advertising in search engines. Pay per click ads are usually sponsored links that pops up when web surfers is surfing the web pages in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. The goal of Internet pay per click advertising is to obtain the leading position in search engine so that web searchers who are specifically looking for a particular product can locate it in the client’s website. This is possible only through careful keyword usage, strategic bidding and compelling ad copies. These guidelines, if followed, guarantee frequent clicks.


Frequently clients fail to establish a relationship with the targeted audience which results in poor conversion of the leads. To avoid such an occurrence, it makes sense to build a fan club. This is feasible by developing several ultra specific landing pages that addresses the specific needs of web searchers.  With a quality free resource like mini courts, e-book or tele-seminar that is directly related to what the client is selling helps in achieving better and higher web traffic. The teaching process of clients to prospective buyers goes a long way in establishing a highly effective relationship that leads to a form of selling. Thus search engine pay per click advertising is usually laser focused that offers true value to the web searchers while their strategies lead to higher rates of conversion and heavy volume of web traffic.

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