Search Engines Optimization For Conveying Company’s Message

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


Search engines optimization is the process whereby scientific techniques are implemented to increase traffic to a client’s website. This is possible by improving the internal and external factors that influence the ranking of a website in the search results. Positioning a website in top search engines is the primary criteria of Internet marketing and is a key technique for any strategic marketing plan. Its technical aspects include web programming expertise combined with business, persuasion and sales. If these functions are performed correctly in perfect co-ordination then any website would be guaranteed reaching a desired revenue goal and would also achieve high-ranking in the organic section of search engine results page.


The major jobs ofsearch engine optimization are to genetically re-engineer the website so that it retains its top position. This is possible by –


  • Preparing a website for search engine marketing campaign that depends on choosing appropriate keywords.


  • Analyzing the competition offered by other sites.


  • Being knowledgeable about website submission.


  • Monitoring search engine ranking.


  • Analyzing site results along with traffic and conversion.


To help business and marketers apply SEO strategy it is mandatory to select keywords wisely. SEO drives traffic to a website by matching targeted keywords with searches performed by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Usually, the higher ranked websites in the search results page draw more visitors to the site. Search engines optimization also targets various types of searches like:


  • Image Search.
  • Local Search.
  • Industry Specific Search.
  • Vertical Search Engines.


The client should be assured that the keywords and phrases are strategically placed within the website content, and the keywords used guarantee more traffic. Secondly, creating a list of the top site URLs that allow the visitors to keep on returning after each search is equally important. SEO is a marketing strategy for enhancing a site’s placement and relevance in search engines as the search algorithms locate what people are searching for. This also involves a site’s coding, presentation, structure and fixes various problems that may occur during indexing of a site.


Search engines optimization plays a predominant role by increasing the searching ability of the client’s website which makes the company’s business activities more noticeable. SEO helps in creating the web page that has been purposely designed to rank well with search engines. Hence, companies interested in gaining more traffic should optimize the site so that it could be easily indexed by search engines.


Traffic obtained from search engines optimization is abundant and good since web surfers generally use search engines to locate products and services. Any company which ignores this technique is bound to help their competitors by shifting away from valuable customers and revenue. Customized search engine optimization helps in ranking the website among the top ten on search engine results page. The purpose of any commercial website is to promote their company’s products and services via the Internet. Search engines optimization is the tool that allows revenue generation by designing a website that provides all the information that customers’ require.

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