Search Engines Pay Per Click Advertising Strategies Display Ads in Search Engine.

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer,

Search engine pay per click ads remains one of the most effective methods of on-line business promotion and according to statistics a spectacular growth rate of 37% annually is forecast and few expert marketing professionals predict that paid search sales would definitely fetch the U.S. market around USD $14 billion. This pattern would continue and strengthen with the passage of time as the traditional methods of print and electronic media is losing its market share. Search engine pay per click advertising augments web sales and guarantees vigorous web traffic for business expansion. Though pay per click advertising is an expensive business promotional tool, on-line advertising can be super cost effective and sales effective if clients utilize and apply for professional search engine services. Search engine pay per click advertising provides reasonable and honest calculation of on-line marketing costs.


Online advertisers are usually interested in placing their website as top ranking in search engines like Google or Yahoo so that all keyword targeted hits may lead to their websites only. Google takes into account the ad relevance and prefers those ads with higher click through rates. The client is permitted to create numerous ad campaigns, segregate the ads into specific keyword clusters and bid on as many keywords as their budget allows. The client has the liberty to edit ads and adjust budget until the desired results are achieved. Continually the text and ad format can be improvised while the clients are allowed to select the text and target the ads to specific geographical locations and languages. Search engines pay per click ads require a one-time registration fee of USD $5 to display the Adword’s campaign. The ad starts running immediately within minutes.


The step-by-step guidelines for boosting Adsense advertising earnings are :


  • Connecting the Adwords and Analytics accounts.
  • Accumulating keyword data.
  • Export data on a spreadsheet.
  • Sorting out the highest earning keywords.
  • Determining the current page ranking with the saleable keyword in the site.
  • Optimizing those web pages for increasing rank of that particular keyword.

The four vital tasks the client’s Internet ad must accomplish are :

  • Attract interest.
  • Present client’s products.
  • Select relevant audience.
  • Get the “click throughs”.


The Search Optimizer tool used in search engine pay per click advertising campaignsoptimizes results as they can set cost per purchase, cost per click or return on ad spend goals and sort out the keywords according to their overall performance. Thus search engines pay per click advertising is usually laser focused that offers true value to the web searchers while their strategies lead to higher rates of conversion and heavy volume of web traffic. The key to effective search engines pay per click ads lies in using appropriate keywords for attracting quality web visitors. It is necessary for search engines pay per click advertising campaigns to be structured wherein the unproductive keywords could be filtered out and replaced by high performing keyword phrases.


Often advertisers are deterred from bidding on a keyword phrase as the search engines pay per click ads’ “click through rate” was really insignificant. To avoid such occurrences, popular keywords which are related to providing solutions to consumers should be highlighted as these are result oriented and would deliver the most promising pay per click ads. A sophisticated keyword and ad strategy is required when advertisers are planning to sell a specialized niche product range.


To optimize search engine pay per click advertising programs, bidding on the appropriate keyword phrases, with dynamic and thought provoking writing along with attractive ad copy and a well composed page, is required for targeting the most vulnerable audience range. If the advertiser is aware of the requirements of their prospective customers and, accordingly, plan out the outlay and solutions, this strategy would definitely guarantee good sales return making the advertiser feel rewarded by their consistent efforts. Through search engines pay per click advertising techniques, campaigners get the opportunity to have their website listed on the result pages where they can avail of limitless number of keyword phrases. Such type of market reach is truly astounding and the pay per clicksearch engine ensures the availability of this facility to the on-line advertisers.


For the majority of search engines pay per click advertising, the rules and regulations and their procedures are highly transparent. For optimum yield from search engines pay per click ads campaign it is mandatory to provide an inventory of products and service categories in which in the client is interested.  The domain name should not be unrelated to promotional text as in an effective search engine pay per click ads, both domain name as well as the keywords used should blend well. The search engine pay per click advertising servicescreates and places the text ads on thousands of relevant websites andhelps in the entire process till its fruitful running in the search engines to start receiving new and easy to convert prospects within a short span. The search engine pay per click advertising programs monitor the performance of the client’s ads by customizing dozens of on-line reports including page impression, click, click through rate and the total amount spent for pay per click advertising.


The search engines pay per click ads facilitates the process of browsing the categorized directory of websites to help in selecting the appropriate ones for advertisers’ business and also sets the desired geographic targeting of a particular product, budget and its maximum limit. The advertiser can then decide where to display their ad and, by browsing through the site directory, they can choose the appropriate websites to display the ad. This suggests that the advertiser is advertising their products to an audience that is truly interested in their products or services. Search engine pay per click ads network displays products and services to millions of potential customers. Their marketing services are highly innovative and improves customer targeting by introducing convenient time-saving improvisation. Their new feature includes control over distribution of advertising campaigns thereby assisting the clients to gain more control over the content and its distribution.


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