Search Engines, Tools and Optimization, Submission of your URL and Better Rankings in the Major Search Engines

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/21/2009

Major search engines are obviously the most beneficial place for a webmaster to be listed and to rank high in the search engine result listings.  The major search engines obviously generate the most traffic for your website.  Webmasters often utilize search engine optimization tools in order to ensure their success in the search engines. This is a very good idea when keeping your standing in the search engines good.


A good selection of search engine optimization tools are:


  1.  Similar Page Checker.  Search engines often times penalize websites that contain duplicate or similar content.  Whether this is pages similar to other sites on the World Wide Web or pages within your website.  The tool checks the similarity between pages ensuring that no two are duplicate or similar to others.


  1. Search Engine Spider Simulator is a search engine optimization tool that displays the content of a webpage how a search engine would see it.  Hyperlinks are also displayed that are crawled by the search engines when it visits the specified webpage.



  1. Backlink Builder is among the search engine optimization tools and helps you to build many quality back links.  It searches websites for the theme you specify.  For example, if you add the keyword phrase “Add link” it will search for sites that have add link, thus possibly resulting in potential back links.  Text links are used in ranking in search engines.


  1. Keyword Density Check is a search engine optimization tool that measures the percentage of occurrence of your keywords or keyword phrase that are in your text or webpage.


All these tools can be found online and many of which will be found free.


There are various search engine optimization tools that will help with search engine optimization.  A combination of methods is often times the most successful.  Gauging and measuring your campaigns and keeping the search engines happy is necessary in successful marketing.


Better search engine ranking is the goal of all marketers.  Utilizing search engine optimization tools is one method to reach this goal.  Search engine optimization through campaigning is another.


When one advertises on the Internet it is typically through targeting their audience.  One could send out two hundred mailers to an open audience and receive but a handful of hits or visitors to their website or they could send out two hundred mailers to a targeted audience that consists of interested prospects and have nearly every prospect visit their site.  Targeting your audience will be a prime factor in your campaigning.


Obviously, your campaign will begin with a successful construction of your website to promote your business.  This may be where you opt to choose many of your search engine optimization tools.  There are a handful of search engine optimization tools available.  Make certain to know what there is and which would be productive in use with your website.


From there you will begin your marketing.  Your advertising campaign may include a combination of different techniques.  There is virtually every form of advertising on the Internet right down to video campaigning.  Each marketer has their favorite form of advertising.  Getting exposure to your site and increasing sales is the primary objective and will be the marketers focus.   There are a number of search engine optimization methods such as article campaigning, email marketing, forum posting and more.


Paid links to your site and Pay Per Click is another form of generating traffic to your site.  Pay Per Click is many marketers favorite.  The marketer is only required to pay for the click when the site receives a visitor via the channel of advertising.   If the site is not clicked on, you do not pay.  Pay Per Click adverts are normally on the right hand side of the search engine results and will show when a user performs a search in their Internet browser.


If you are a serious marketer you are interested in having your website listed in the search engines.  You may have even considered starting your own URL search engine.  There are URL search engine scripts available for the serious entrepreneur that would like to start their own little Yahoo.  There are files that you will need but basically it is doable.  The task is not relatively complicated but will take research and knowledge.


URL search engine submission is also another method of advertising that you should engage in.  There are many sites that submit your website URL to over 700,000 directories and search engines.  You will receive listing in the major search engines as well as the lesser known search engines.  The potential benefit of these services is that your website will be recognized robots through links in the directories.


One great way to interest a prospect to your site is by offering something free to your site.  Whether this is a coupon or a free product or information something free or a discount is something that always draws the attention of people.  Content on your site is also very important.  The more the visitor feels they can trust or are secure with the site and information on it, the more likely you are to have a sale and a returning customer.


Entertainment tools are also something that may attract visitors to your site.  Often times you will see news clips or games or even movies for the visitor to use for free.  Visitors will often bookmark your site to use these services again.  If you have a site that you are continually updating adding new information to, this can be a very wise idea.  Especially if you can get something complimentary to your product or service in which you are promoting.



There are many angels in Internet marketing.  Through a successful strategic plan and a combination of advertising methods the marketer can have a successful web business.  Always remember that nothing is set n stone.  You can play around with a combination of techniques to achieve success.  You may find that your most successful campaigns depend on two or three forms of advertising or you may find that it is reaching out to every form on the World Wide Web.  Whatever achieves results will be what you need to continue.

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