Select Cause, SEM and Marketing Campaigns Do Matter

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


Cause marketing campaigns are designed with a goal to raise money and give the money to a great cause such as breast cancer. Cause marketing campaigns are really used by most companies who want to improve their business by linking themselves to helping out a cause. By doing cause marketing campaigns you are helping people in need and giving them hope. This action helps to bring the community and the nation closer because someone is caring enough to help. Doing this does boost most profits in companies because people believe in helping out Breast Cancer Awareness. Most cause marketing campaigns are done for the greater good. However, there are those companies out there that just want the association of helping those that are in dire circumstances. They will abuse the cause marketing campaigns to help promote their business only because they want more profits and don’t necessarily care about the cause. Usually the campaigns are promoted by big companies who can afford to use some of their profit to help others that really need the assistance. It is a great way to bring in more business when a large profit will be donated to a great cause. An example of a cause marketing campaign is Avon. Avon will have breast cancer awareness items in the campaign booklets for women who have breast cancer. These items are usually in the campaigns for many months. Some of this money will go to the women themselves and another part of the money will go to breast cancer research. Sometimes all the profit from cause marketing campaigns will go to breast cancer organizations. However, for the most part there is a strict percentage that the companies will donate from the profit of their sales.

Select cause marketing campaigns are more specified in what they are marketing for. One example is the MAC makeup company who have used select cause marketing campaigns to help donate money to HIV and AIDs Foundations that help men, women and children. They aren’t helping breast cancer which is a main cause marketing campaign usually used with all around sales and profit. MAC is helping another cause that doesn’t have the support that they think it should have. They selectively contributed every single cent they earned from selling their Viva Glam Lipstick and Lip-gloss to helping people with HIV and AIDs. They made a statement in selling something that would give all the profit to their select cause marketing campaign. Breast cancer is a big part of cause marketing campaigns and going further to address more than just breast cancer can help bring the public into the loop that there are other diseases and cancers out there that affect people as well. By using select cause marketing campaigns companies, non-profit organizations and other organizations can open the doors to helping many more people. If you want to use select cause marketing campaigns to help promote your business in any way using breast cancer, HIV and AIDs or any other way you can use a specific product like MAC did. If want to help these organizations you will be helping mankind in a big way.

Using new ways to advertise your business or product are always useful. Adding new ideas and new ways to look at your product helps to revamp what works for your business. SEM campaigns will help you create specific ideas for marketing your website and business. Start off a SEM campaign with looking at your competitor’s business. Successfully marketing your website takes a lot of steps to create links to information that will be readily available to the readers. This will help you figure out what you should do to make your business known better and that you have what the customers are looking for. Keywords are important in any form of marketing campaign. By looking over your website and identifying keywords and phrases you will better understand what the search engines will pick up when someone searches for that keyword or phrase. By isolating these keywords for your header and title of your website you can boost web traffic on your website because people will see the title that has what they are interested in and want to find out more information. Creating links to websites will help create better SEM campaigns because the more information in your web content that deals with the descriptions and other links the  more the search engines will give you a priority in then results This priority is created by the proper and efficient use of your descriptions on your web pages. Agilis Marketing is an online company that proves to be useful in helping their clients create better SEM campaigns.

Most businesses understand that more marketing campaigns mean more business. Do campaigns matter to any or all marketing strategies? Yes, they really do. If you don’t tell anyone you opened a restaurant in a new city most likely you won’t get any customers. If you use campaigns to show people that you have opened a new business, most of the time people will want to test it out. New businesses usually promote something for the first couple of customers to initiate the opening day sales. If you are still thinking why do campaigns matter if there are already campaigns out there for other businesses that are doing well, you should remind yourself that business will rise once you have the right campaign in place. You may also think that those businesses will continue to do well with their customers because they have been open for years. Sometimes customers get sick of going to the same places over and over again. If you open a new business and send out marketing campaigns you will get customers who are eager to see what you have to offer. In your marketing campaigns you want to tell them important information and entice them to come into your business to check it out and see what they think. Also, do campaigns matter even if there is competition? Yes, it matters because if the customers are wanting to save money you could be there to represent something new and possibly better for them. Whether you get a lot of business immediately or not you will show that your business is up and ready to go.

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