SEO Agency Los Angeles Advice on Utilizing Social Media Sites and Google

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.16.2012


It was big news when Google updated its algorithm.  For some, this was good news while for others it was bad news.  For quite a few SEO, or search engine optimization, companies, this was bad news.  It was bad news because they had been optimizing their content in the wrong manner and now Google was calling them out on it.  The new algorithm caused these companies to start losing rankings and being torn apart by it.


For the other Los Angeles SEO firm companies, the new algorithm did not affect them as much.  They had been building links and using keywords properly in their articles and blog posts.  The algorithm just meant that they had to make doubly sure to keep up the high standard work ethic and follow all of the new guidelines set in place by Google and enforced by the algorithm.  As you can see, the news of the new algorithm brought some SEO companies to curse it and others to praise it for knocking down its SEO agency Los Angeles competitors.


Besides half of the SEO marketing companies, another area in the marketing company business that was praising the new algorithm were the social media marketing Los Angeles companies.  For these guys, the algorithm boosted their work and highly increased their rankings on the Google search engine results pages.


Why did the algorithm affect social media marketing more than SEO?  The Google algorithm made social media connections have a bigger effect on the search results.  This means that the connections a searcher makes on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, the more these connections will influence the results on the search engine results page.  The material the searcher’s friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter have recommended or read will show up on the results page.


Let’s have an example to help that make a little more sense.


Let’s say a Google searcher, named Bob, needs to know if there is a way to fix his ceiling fan.  Bob gears up his computer and pulls up the Google homepage.  He is not logged in to a Google account and he does not have any social media profiles.  With no connections from friends or followers, Google will present Bob with the most objective results using the typical and basic search engine optimization tactics.


Now let’s say another Google searcher, named John, is also looking for a way to fix his ceiling fan.  John pulls out his laptop and fires up the Google search engine.  John is always hooked up to his social media sites with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.  Because of this, John has made connections to a lot of people.


Through these sites, Google searches through his connections and may find a friend who knows all about places that do some ceiling fan repairs.  Anything this friend knows about ceiling fans whether it is from writing a blog post about them, shared an article about fixing ceiling fans, or commented on a ceiling fan repair site, will show up with John googles “repair ceiling fan”.


The algorithm has really advanced the way search engines work compared to when Google first started and you had a hard time finding the answers you were looking for.  Now, the algorithm works with social media to help you find the best answers from the right places.

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