SEO California Firms Clean Up Google Description: Google crested new algorithms that

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.11.2012


In the SEO, or search engine optimization, world of marketing strategies, a change has come in to play.  Google has installed new rules and guidelines that must be followed in order to maintain the same high rank on search engine results pages that sites had before.


These new rules and guidelines are enforced by algorithms, Panda and Penguin.  While they may bear the same names as cute and cuddly zoo animals, these guys mean business.  These algorithms were installed in to the Google system to fight against bad search engine optimization strategies that, while they may have been successful in reaching the top of search engine results pages, they were not meeting the top quality standards that Google prides itself for.


To gain back quality sites that show up when Internet users searched through Google, Google needed to take action to sort through the many websites that plague the Internet.  Enter: Panda and Penguin.


Panda and Penguin have a magnitude of jobs to clean up search engine results pages.  They must look for the key words that the Google user has typed in the search bar.  From these sites that show up, the algorithms have to determine if the content is good or if it is a load of rubbish.  This is where a lot of SEO companies get in to trouble.


For the most part, the introduction of the updated algorithms, Panda and Penguin, has led to many SEO California companies to clean up their act.  But it can be confusing and worrisome when it comes to determining what quality the content is that a search engine marketing company Los Angeles is putting out.  How can the level of quality be determined?


As a start, California SEO companies should look at the uniqueness of the articles it is publishing to the Internet.  When a company is producing so many articles on the same topic, the information can become redundant and unoriginal.  To pass the algorithm’s standards, look to see how unique your information is and how you can put a new spin on the topic at hand.


The other tip to remember has to do with keywords and how to properly use them.  While keyword are what enable Google to find the relevant sites to what the Google users are typing in, too many keywords are what the new algorithms look through and deem as low quality.  But too few keywords lead to not being noticed by the algorithms at all.  It is truly a tricky situation.


This balance between too few and too many keywords can trip many SEO writers up.  The tip is to, instead of writing to contain the keywords, simply write about the topic at hand.  Most of the time, when writers are writing about a specific topic, many of the same keywords or key phrases will keep repeating themselves as the writer explains and goes in depth on the topic.  These keywords will stand out on their own and the algorithms will latch on to the site as being of high quality.


While the new Panda and Penguin have lead to more restrictions for SEO companies, they are not unreasonable requests.  It leads to a cleaner Google search engine and happier Google users.  Even though it leads to a little more work and more creative thinking, these algorithms have led to better work produced by SEO marketing firms.

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