Before you can even begin SEO efforts on your site, you’ll have to clean up your site to make it presentable and search engine-friendly.

Things like great, linkable content are more obvious ways to increase your rankings on Google. Even so, there may be more subtle flaws or problems with your website that could lead Google to lower your rankings and your SEO efforts accordingly.

There are a few considerations that you may or may not have considered in evaluating your site for quality and search-friendliness.

  • Aesthetics. Your site ought to be visually appealing and organized. Navigation should also be clearly read and easy to follow.
  • Don’t buy into the Google ad hype. Some webmasters believe that by utilizing Google services and loading Google ads onto their site, it will automatically grant them higher rankings by Google. This is not necessarily true.While you will be compensated for every click those Google ads get, it won’t give you any more of an edge than any other website with similar PPC ads. In reality, it’s the content and headlines that will draw a viewer to your website.
  • Get just the right amount of ads. You simply can’t afford a site that is cluttered or overwhelmed with ads. Consider how people will be using the site. If you have too many ads, it will likely intrude upon the user experience. It will also indicate that the website is there solely for ad placement. It’s also important, if you have ad space, that it be relevant to the content you’re presenting. Ad space that is relevant to your content will ensure more clicks, as the person at your site is looking for similar services.
  • Content. Google will reward you more for publishing great, informative content than they will for posting their ads up on your site.
  • Short URL. Length matters when it comes to URL length. Large corporations are willing to pay a pretty penny to keep their URLs short and sweet. Small start-ups should also consider investing in a short, easy-to-remember username. If it can be easily spoken and remembered in a conversation, that means it’s a good URL. Be wary of hyphens in a URL, which are used much of the time to copy other sites.
  • Site hosting. Some of the factors that affect the health of your website can sometimes be out of your control. One of these factors is your site hosting. There are self-hosting sites such as WordPress, if you’re willing to put in the work. Be sure to research different web hosting options so that you aren’t left hanging by poor site hosting services that contribute to slow loading times.
  • Load times. Another factor that leads to slow load times is simply the architecture of the site itself. If the homepage has Flash or lots of pictures to load, for instance, then load times will greatly decrease. A clean site loads faster, so having a designer who understands clean code will assist you in your endeavors.
  • Earned links. Part of an SEO cleanup also involves links. Consider whether the links on your site are earned or not. Usually, an authoritative site does not get involved in link sharing. Simply linking to all of the sites that link back to you will indicate to Google that you don’t have earned links. Getting links from authoritative sources, on the other hand, will show Google that you have a foothold on your marketplace.

The professionals at Sticky Web Media will be sure your website is clean and SEO-ready. Sticky Web Media also has designers who understand clean code and are willing to amp up your load times – and ultimately, your rankings.