SEO Companies in California: One Way to Market Your Business

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.12.2012



With so much competition out there, you cannot expect your business to prosper on its own.  You need to utilize many marketing strategies.  These can be in the form of billboards, television ads, radio commercials, and so much more.  But one thing is for certain – you must use a few of these tactics if you want to be in the same league as your competitive companies.  The most well used and most successful tactics are through guerilla marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and television and radio marketing.  While there are numerous other options you could try, these seem to be the best and most tried-and-true ones available for getting started and promoting your business.


The most basic and maybe the most creative marketing area is guerrilla marketing.  Guerilla marketing Los Angeles is a low expense marketing strategy.  It tends to use unconventional tactics like graffiti, sticker bombing, and flash mobs.  These can be inexpensive and imaginative marketing techniques as long as you have the time, an expansive imagination, and the energy it requires to promote your merchandise or idea to a massive amount of people.  While it is unconventional, it is fun and attention drawing.


Another effective marketing tool to have is social media.  While they are initially a place to connect with others, they can also be helpful in connecting the business to the customer.  Through social networking, you can inform customers directly of new deals going on and new products that are available.


Search engines like Google are the best places to extend your market especially for new customers who are searching for a business like yours.  The problem you face with search engines is getting to the top of the search engine’s results page where you will be more noticeable.  But that’s what marketing is all about: being more noticeable.


To make marketing work on Google, you will need California SEO services.  SEO companies in California provide these services that will obtain that top spot you are looking for with Google.  They do this through optimizing your site with key words and adding links leading back to your page.  With these services, SEO becomes a marketing strategy that will get you noticed on Google.


Other marketing areas include the television and radio commercials.  While these are very resourceful and fun to come up with, they are a bit pricier than the previously mentioned marketing strategies.  However, if your business’s budget can swing it, they are very effective at getting attention and therefore more customers for your business.


No matter what techniques and Medias you use, you have to have a marketing plan if you want any chance at all of succeeding in this economy.  Owning your own business is a rough job to get in to.  It entails much more than simply selling to the consumer.  But through the help of marketing companies that specialize in whatever area of marketing you are interested in, be it the guerilla, social sites, SEO, television, or radio, your business will get the attention it needs to obtain a constant flow of business.

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