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Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 8.6.2012



SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most commonly used internet marketing tactics these days.  But to make it effective, you must have a good strategy or an SEO formula that can hold up against different kinds of situations.  Some believe this formula does not exist because every situation is different.  However, there is one that has the basics and then you can tailor it to fit specifically for your situation.

This basic formula can work on any type of website: new, old, big, small, blog, affiliate, ecommerce, or simple business website.  The basic points of the SEO formula are as such:

  • Have an effective website design and information set up.  This part of the formula’s focus is on reaching better rankings on the search engines.
  • The purpose of links should be to get the website noticed more on the internet –not to increase rankings.  Link building should not be about anchor texts and link characteristics but simply as a way to get the site visited on a regular basis and as a guide throughout the website.

In other words, this SEO formula turns the focus on constantly improving the site instead of using spam linking to improve your search rankings.  By using these tactics, you can improve your search engine optimization using strong SEO marketing rather than black hat tactics that are frowned upon by Google.

Website Design:

Keyword Mapping – Keywords can be very effective with SEO Companies Los Angeles.  But that is only when they are used on the pages in which they are relevant.  Keywords are what Internet users use to search with and while they can get your page found, using words that do not apply to your topic will not help you in the long run.  Instead, use words that have meaning to your topic and then make sure to add them to the titles on the websites pages, in the URLs, in the headlines, and of course, within the content.

Block Crawlers – Another way to improve your site and therefore improve your search engine optimization is to ban search engines from indexing pages of your site that are not going to be considered relevant to users.  Some of these pages are your tags, search result pages, duplicate pages.  You can block crawlers by disallowing access to the URL of the pages or the folder in which they are kept via Robots.txt.

Site Speed – A major way to improve your site is to check the loading time for your website’s pages.  This goes along with the technical side of creating a well put together website.  There is nothing more frustrating to an Internet user than coming across a slow loading page, so check how long it takes your own to load.

Link building:

Brand Profile Pages –Brand pages such as those with the social networking sites are a great way to get started building strong links since a lot of search engines are starting to combine searching results with what your friends on your social networking sites are doing.  Google+ is fond of this tactic.

Reclaim Links –Google yourself and see what results come up.  Then, go through the results and see if these results are properly mentioning your site.  If they are, contact them and see if you can get a link with them.

These are only the basics for the SEO formula.  It is not all that an SEO Company California will do but for just getting started in optimizing your website, it will be enough to affect your search engine results.

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