SEO Companies Los Angeles Use Social Media to Its Full Extent

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.15.2012



Many people did not believe that some of the social networking sites that are available today would last very long.  They scoffed when a new social media site showed up and thought that no one would sign up for the new site when everything was so great on the site they had now.  But that numbers show that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and others are continuing to gain a magnitude of members each day.  People are realizing that these sites provide an easy and fun way to connect with people and share thoughts, interests, and life events with one another.


We live in a world that wants to share the minuet details of our lives with everyone and quite a few people are signed up with multiple social media sites.  These people want to share their life stories, their pictures, their day’s events with all of their friends and family.  Social media sites are just helping us to do exactly that in an easy way.


Marketing companies recognize how much people love their social networking and sharing what they like and love.  The social media companies Los Angeles know how much time people spend updating their profiles, uploading pictures, sharing information, and looking at what their family members and friends are up to.  Social media marketing has taken off because companies know how to work with this information.


They know that if you see a friend “like” or rave about a product, you are more likely to try it, too.  You trust a friend’s judgment more than a random person’s review.  This is why marketing takes the time to utilize social networking to their best advantage by creating pages, tweeting about products, and sharing pictures that you can also like, share, and talk about.


One such marketing company that uses social networking sites extensively is SEO companies Los Angeles.  SEO specializes in adding links that lead directly to the sites they are marketing for to other pages – specifically to social media pages.  SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a great tool used by marketing companies for marketing websites and creating a large following of loyal viewers and customers.


SEO in Los Angeles links businesses to social media sites because they know that a lot of people will see the advertisements and hopefully click on them.  They know that they can reach out to a lot of people and make connections between the businesses and consumers through social media.  And so, social media was changed from a place to share information between friends to a place where businesses can share information with potential customers.  The social media users do not seem to mind because they can find out firsthand about great new deals and new businesses.


No one thought that some of these sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ – would last.  These social media sites were first originally created to connect people with their family and friends.  Now it has become the latest place for placing marketing advertisements and finding out about new companies and their merchandise.

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