SEO Company in Los Angeles and Twitter

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.17.2012


The social networking service, Twitter, first came out in the early months of 2006.  Twitter is a place where members can send and read posts under 140 characters called tweets.  The new social media site consistently gained members and in 2012, the site hit the 500 million member mark.  Because so many people are on Twitter, the new social media site is the ideal place for business to market their products.


Because Twitter presents the ideal canvas for marketing, as a web design in Los Angeles is for blog posts, several of the SEO Company in Los Angeles has included social media marketing on Twitter along with other popular social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.  All of these sites host a large number of members and so, provide a great environment for finding new customers.


While Twitter practically markets for you, there are still some things to remember that, for some odd reason, people do on Twitter.  Especially as a marketer, you should stay away from these activities if you want to maintain a good following for your business on Twitter.


The first problem you come across on Twitter is a person who links his or her tweets to another social media site, like Facebook.  The point of Twitter is to reach other people on Twitter – not Facebook or anyplace else for that matter.  If you are trying to reach a person on Facebook who does not have a Twitter, then connect with them via Facebook.  As a business, you will be more marketable if you keep the two separate and connect with customers who have ‘friended’ you on Facebook and direct message followers on Twitter.  It will lead to less confusion and make for more personal connections.


The next blunder some Twitter members make is an incorrect or inappropriate use of hash tags.  There is a purpose to the hash tags; it is not just added the sign and putting a description with no spaces after it.  The purpose and original intent for the hash tags on Twitter is to create a way to search for information in tweets.  For example, if you searched “Egypt” on Twitter, all the tweets that mentioned a hash tag and then “Egypt” would appear as results to your search.  This tool is very helpful for SEO Company LA as they market businesses on Twitter.  As long as they mention a relevant keyword after the hash tag, they can instantly create a searchable business on Twitter.


Twitter is a great way to reach out to a large community and meet potential, new customers.  By searching for people who like relevant topics to your business, you can make connections on a personal level.  A lot of people like when a business takes the time to actually get to know them rather than jump in with the sales pitch and ask for their money.  If you show you care about how a customer feels about your business and allow them to give you feedback, you will find that you will have a lot more loyal customers.  Marketing on Twitter can help you find your next batch of loyal customers.

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