SEO Consultant California Works alongside Designer

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.13.2012



A designer may be typically thought of as someone who creates and designs clothing items.  Usually, these items tend to be thought of as extremely fashion forward and can be sold as expensive items because of the famous person who designed them.  But the famous fashion line designer is not the only kind of designer out there.  Anyone who creates a specially made item that serves a specific purpose, need, and requirement is classified as a designer.


The designer previously described could be labeled as a fashion designer.  This fashion designer could also morph in to a costume designer.  The difference would be whether you would wear the clothing on a street sidewalk or on a theater stage.   Branching off of that would be a jewelry designer.  However, designers do not create only for the people.  There is also interior designing and furniture designing for the home.  Landscape designers make ordinary land in to envious yards.


More designers are established with engineering designers.  Engineering designers can further be classified in to sound designer and web design.  Web design leads us in to the marketing world where more designing is done and website design jobs in Los Angeles can be found.


Marketing is all about designs.  It designs billboards, posters, bumper stickers, signs, and websites.  The design on these materials is what captures a viewer’s attention and holds it long enough to sell information or a product.  This makes a good designer a valuable player to have on a marketing team.


A marketing team will be made up of a variety of professionals.  In SEO marketing, the team will often include a SEO consultant California, someone who can do the web design SEO California, and others.  As a team, they can work together to give a business a boost in views to a website.


SEO works by creating links on pages to lead to a business website.  These links have to draw the eye towards them in order to entice a viewer to click on the link and be lead to another web page.  This is where the designing process comes in.  A web designer makes a web page look amazing and be easily navigated.  There is nothing more frustrating to the Internet user than have difficulty finding his or her way through a website.  A messy and difficult web page does not lead to more people viewing the site.


The web designer makes sure that everything is easily navigated and appealing to the eye.  The better the site looks, the more links will be clicked on.  And the more the links are used, the higher the probability will be that the viewer buys the merchandise.


From one term, “designer”, more than a few jobs can be created.  It is a broad term that can describe anyone from a clothing designer to a SEO web page designer.  There are numerous designing jobs available for each type of designer whether it is a landscape designer or marketing designer.  The word “designer” links all of these jobs together to create a marketing industry.

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