SEO Consultant Services: In-house vs. Agency

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 25


SEO is an useful but tricky online marketing tool. Companies looking for new customers on the internet make use of SEO consultant services both in-house and through agencies. There is no one way to proceed with these two choices, as both routes have advantages and disadvantages. So, where to find the best SEO?


Arguments for in-house SEO:


(1)    It’s Quick


With in-house SEO consultants, the employee will turn over new links and leads as quickly as possible. An agency does not operate for speed.


(2)    It’s Cost-effective


Paying an hourly rate for an in-house SEO costs less than going with an agency.


(3)    It’s Easier to Integrate


SEO is perhaps the most important tool in online marketing. When the SEO is not integrated properly, the benefits of this service may go by the wayside. In-house SEO can become more acquainted with clients and their needs, and also the mentality and principles of the parent company.


The in-house SEO is informed about the website and can adjust accordingly. Without this information, agencies lag behind.


(4)    It’s Responsible


An in-house SEO is more likely to take responsibility for his actions and decisions, because he works so closely with his parent company.


(5)    It’s Full of Competent SEO Writers


The full-time SEO employee is not only an asset, but brings the others around him up to his level of excellence. A well-informed staff can help each other navigate the nuances of SEO and develop a cooperative work environment, especially within different departments. Also, employees from those different departments can assist customers in any area, not just their own.


(6)    It’s Easier to be Acquainted with Products


In-house SEO consultant services are preferable because the products and services available are well-known to the employees. This makes it easier for the customer to become well informed without having to dig through heaps of information.


(7)    It’s Credible

While some strategies of SEO are questionable at best, working with one’s own in-house SEO writers is unquestionably the more ethical and professional way to go about things.


Arguments for an Agency:


(1)    It’s Always Available


With the incredibly high demand for SEO, sometimes it makes sense to turn to the big players for help. Requests for SEO can overwhelm smaller operations, and it is not always easy to build up a reliable SEO team. Here is where an SEO agency would be useful.


(2)    It’s Efficient


Many companies don’t spend much time on SEO, and would never dream of keeping an employee around just for the sake of SEO. Oftentimes it it more efficient to rely on external professionals, rather than freelancers who may not pay much attention to detail.


(3)    It’s Flexible


SEO agencies can take the difficulty of organization out of the picture. When SEO consulting services are only needed for a short period of time to be resumed later, an agency might make sense.


It is best to approach the question of in-house vs. agency SEO on a case-by-case basis. Oftentimes, a combination of the two will prove to be the most successful strategy.

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