SEO Consulting Services in Demand as Media Landscape Shifts

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 25, 2012


As monolithic companies like Facebook continue to grow in size and share of the digital marketplace, some companies and riding its coattails and finding their respective niches within the sales and marketing regions of online business. By far, the most successful business of this sort is, which features SEO consulting services, among other things. With the recent acquisition of Buddy Media, which went for $689 million, Salesforce has pulled ahead in the online marketing game. The CEO of this particular company, Mr. Marc Benioff, took his time shopping around for potential additions to his business. Being particularly interested in social media vendors, Buddy Media became the obvious choice.


Though smaller, Buddy Media had an independent following of clients with impressive names like Ford and WPP. Another possible addition to the family was Virtue, a recent acquisition of Oracle for the not-too-shabby price of $300 million. Also in the running were companies like Friend2Friend, FanBridge, and Offerpop—all successful in their own right in the SEO consulting services game. Though Buddy Media was eventually the selected company, the other parties that decided to pass on will with all likelihood find investors of their own. itself is likely to make further acquisitions; just last year it purchased the social listening site Radian6 to the tune of $326 million. While this was less than half of what paid for Buddy Media, it’s still no small change. The connections that are possible through sites like these, the optimize clients success in search engines and the like, cannot be undervalued.


But of the invaluable sort of companies considered by for acquisition, at the end of the day Buddy Media was the best choice. CEO of this particular company Mr. Marc Benioff expressed that of all the possible new additions to his company, Buddy Media has the best product with the most potential for growth. He enthusiastically described plans for future marketing of Buddy Media and is confident in his decision to combine the forces behind these two endeavors.


What exactly will change about the interface of Buddy Media, now that it is under new ownership? The biggest change will be the additional social media components. Now, marketers and clients who work with Salesforce will be able to utilize the technologies of Facebook. Facebook will be available as an additional marketing tool, and marketers will be able to funnel their attention through Facebook, optimizing the attention they can receive on the internet. It is nearly impossible to guess what the effect will turn out to be in the reverse. Rather, we can guess how Facebook will impact Buddy Media, but not how Buddy Media will effect Facebook. Because this sort of cooperation is so new to the social media landscape, developers are reluctant to comment.


What is evident, however, is that this trend is not likely to die out anytime soon. Salesforce is already blazing ahead on this acquisition highway, a route that is sure to keep customers contented. This level of marketing is very successful at engaging consumers of a personal level, and will likely begin to spread to bigger and bigger corporations; a trend which was quick to spot.

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