One of the best ways to get more loyal traffic to your website is through original, professional and informative content.

SEO content is written content that contains relevant keywords that bring additional traffic to your website. But writing SEO content isn’t all about just the strategic placement of keywords or hyperlinks that lead back to pages on your site. Rather, this is a secondary concern. When it comes to SEO content and content marketing, your chief concern is the content of the written articles themselves. Great, informative work also gets links from external sources and websites.

If you write articles for your site that are engaging enough, it will leave readers wanting more. Thus, they will more often come to your site to read more of your content and even want to purchase more of your products and services. Higher quality articles can also garnered coveted third party links that get you more overall internet exposure, and thus more readers.

SEO professionals aim for more than just writing great content, though. They also create content that will bring the back great links from other authority websites. There are several general guidelines that SEO writers adhere to in creating content.

seo friendly content

  • Keep the pieces engaging. Some businesses believe content creation and marketing is all about piling on article after article with keywords in the hopes that more traffic will come. This belief is misguided. Each article needs to be informative in a way that will bring something new to the table, something that your reader hasn’t considered. Ideally, the advice in your articles is practical and the readers can implement what they’ve learned from you immediately.
  • Keep high quality articles on just one page (if possible). Studies have shown that breaking up content into several pages will actually diminish interest in the reader, as they have to click through several links in order to get to your content. Having all of your valuable content on one page removes that concern.
  • No “keyword stuffing.” Keyword stuffing occurs when you place too much emphasis on the keywords in your articles and have too many of them. Not only does it break a readers concentration when there are too many links on the page, but the reader will know that article is being used solely to sell and will leave the page for something more worthwhile. Quality over quantity is the key philosophy here; no one is going to want to link to articles that are stuffed with keywords.
  • Research. In order for your articles to really make an impact, it should be reinforced with expertise and facts. Doing your research, even if you already believe you know everything about your subject, creates credibility and trust with your readership. In your research, you may also discover a valuable resource and share it with your readers as well.
  • Be fair. Use your research to allow yourself to see both sides of an argument fairly and come to your own conclusions. You shouldn’t just write your opinion, but provide a unique perspective that’s also useful and informative.

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