SEO Expert California Analysis to 3 Factors in Your Approach to PPC Campaign Management

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.30.2012


The total grade for your web ad’s efficiency and success is your Google AdWords Quality Score. Ranging from 1 to 10, having a high Google AdWords Quality Score means that your ad proves to be relevant to readers and visitors to websites, but a low score means that your key elements, i.e. keywords and landing pages, are irrelevant to readers looking at your ad.


Your interest in a high score is just as important as Google’s interest, which is why they reward high Quality Score ads by lowering the cost of those particular ads and positioning them higher on the page in their search engine, thus making it easier and quicker for readers on the internet to find. So the question is: How do you get a high Google AdWords Quality Score? An SEO expert California analysis believes that this examination of the factors which influences your grade should take place. This SEO firm California analysis confirms that this is how Google calculates the score.


Each time a person does a search triggering your ad, Goggle considers a number of things to which will ultimately calculate your score. These factors are: Landing Page experience, Expected CTR (click-through rate) and ad relevance.


Your Expected CTR predicts how likely your ad will get clicked on when shown for a specified keyword. The three possible statuses you can obtain for Expected CTR is average, below average and above average. Google takes in account how the keyword has performed in the past, comparing it to every other keyword across AdWords in order to measure this. They only look for exact matches to determine your Expected CTR which differs from your actual CTR, which is shown in the “CTR” column in your account, because as stated: Expected CTR is a prediction.


Referring to the experience that a viewer gets when he goes to your landing page, you are then talking about what’s known as Landing Page experience. Similar to your Expected CTR, Google AdWords does not rate Landing Page experience with numerical figures, but statuses: average, below average and above average ratings. How do they determine your Landing Page experience, you ask? There are several factors that Google considers.

First, your landing page needs to have an original URL. Unique and useful features offered as well as original content will usually work. Second, your URL destination needs to be directly juxtaposed to your ad text and keywords. For instance, if you offer a special discount on your ad, make sure that it’s available on your landing page also. In other words, your landing page must be user friendly and provide as much possible information for your reader to have. The easier it is for them to get your contact information or any information about your business that they may need… helps. Finally, use a strong call to action which will help users know what he or she should do next.

The final factor influencing the Quality Score is Ad Relevance which describes how well your keyword matches the relevance in your ads. How relevant your keywords are to what a user searches for in your ad. For instance, if a user searches for a certain keyword and your ad shows up, is your ad directly connected with their search? This will help determine your Ad Relevance.

The ability to have an average or above status means that you’ve chosen your keywords carefully, but having a below average status means that the keywords you’ve chosen are not specific enough.

Google AdWords Quality Score makes sure that relevant ads attract more readers which helps you earn more clicks and appearing in a better position in search engines.

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