SEO Factors & Trends Report 2012 for a Search Marketing Firm

Staff writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 7.18.2012


Another year has passed in the SEO industry, and 2011 has proven once again that the search engine optimization (SEO) industry is changing more rapidly with each passing year. This year, SEO reports cover the rise of Facebook and the increasing importance of social signals for rankings, richer and fresher search results which improved indexation of the Web by Google and the Yahoo/Bing integration much to the delight of businesses such as search marketing firm looking to capitalize off of their hard work on their company websites.

Smarter Web

As the World Wide Web gets smarter, websites continue to change while tailoring their content to make users happy. Today websites integrate social platforms and localization features in order to adapt to user devices and change content based on user behavior. Search engines quickly respond to these environments by constantly releasing new features. New developments have also brought increased challenges to SEO experts across the world while they constantly try to adapt to these new technologies.

Websites that capitalize on SEO have become very advanced skill which requires deep technical knowledge of websites, conversion rate optimization, social media, servers and mobile devices.

Social Media Showdown

The social media tussle between Google and Facebook began in 2011 with each displaying their own unique approach to web optimization which has deeply influenced the way we consume the Web and the modification of our search behavior.

Google released its +1 button, Google+, the Google+ business pages, and Search, plus Your World; all of which demonstrate a significant commitment to social media. The +1 button appears as a direct competitor to the Facebook Like button, especially when +1 became publicly followed links. Google’s +1 can have a direct effect on organic rankings, especially in the new Search Plus SERPs.

Considered a hybrid product, Google+ is competing with both private and public social networks that some argue is best used as the internal chat room for Google employees and search marketing firm on the Internet. Still others see it as a serious competitor to Twitter and Facebook especially with their bold and controversial integration features like Search Plus.

Many companies are making Google+ their next Internet marketing strategy priority for 2012 because of Google’s reputation and success in the online advertising industry. But because we have yet to see how successful Google+ will become in 2012, companies can’t afford not to be on completely board just yet.

Facebook has also changed many features making it hardly recognizable from the Facebook of 2010. Moving its off-site integration in order to gain real-estate in the social graph, the release of the new layout, “timeline,” as well as the updates on comments, new social graph, and the integration with Skype and multiple applications, needless to say, Facebook currently leads the charge, as far as the social media war goes.

SEO in 2012

In 2012, the SEO focus is on the users by:

  • Serving users great content regularly.
  • Increasing the number of touch points with users by integrating with social platforms.
  • Spending time creating advanced, cross-platform user-engagement strategies.
  • Allowing users access to your information wherever they are using mobile sites and apps.
  • Making user’s lives easier by facilitating their access to your information, products and services.
  • Reinforcing user’s local presence and location services.

The world of SEO is continually changing for a search marketing firm; 2012 is no exception.

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