SEO Firm California Analysis Examine Subreddits for Social Media Marketing and SEO

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.30.2012



Since first coming on the scene in 2006, Reddit has been continuing to rise in popularity and today, its one of the most-visited social news sites on the web which proves to be a nice change of pace for those visitors on similar sites such as StumbleUpon or Digg. Like newspapers, Reddit have sections called “subreddits” which is a feature that can prove beneficial to experienced social marketers.


Subreddits are categories that have a community of users on the site that form a specific area of interest. Categories like these are targeted and can be used for private or public users, which is decided by the creator of the section. Some of the more popular subreddits are: Gaming, World News, Askreddit, Pics, and WTF.

These represent a broad array of interests but subcategories on the site can be a lot more specific. Take for example, a topic like World of Warcraft. You can find a number of subreddits specifically focused on the game each having its own moderator and members of the community who contribute to the section by rating and submitting content that relates to the section all over the internet. For users of the site, Reddit proves to be a great way to access content that they want to get quicker and more efficiently and for social marketers, it also provides a good source to generate visibility for their business.

The Benefits For Having Your Own subreddits

One of the biggest benefits to subreddits is that anyone can create them if they choose to. You can set up your own, based on what’s important to you and if other reddit users share in your interest, they could comment and share your information that you provide on your subreddit which keeps your community subreddit active. With millions of users actively communicating on the site, it’s easy to find people with similar interests. This means that there is great opportunity to attract and involve other users who share in your passion and interests.

One of the biggest advantages to having your own subreddits is an increase in traffic. With activity and solid content, it’s very likely that online users will decide to visit your subreddits and learn more about what you and your information offers. But before you start to upload and share your information, make sure that your new category that you’ve built is listed on subreddits’ page and then begin to share your information to site visitors where you could possibly have millions of kindred spirits awaiting your info.


Many readers, SEO firm California analysts and SEO firm Los Angeles marketers believe that subreddits are the difference in what has allowed reddit to pass up social networking sites like Digg. Because it is one of the websites most popular and most important features on reddit, so this is a commendable believe that these insiders have. No matter if it is streaming content discovered on the web or creating your own online community with subreddits, many social marketers can do great things by putting it to use and finding new people to market to.

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