SEO Firm Los Angeles Practices that are O-K with Google

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.17.2012


For some SEO firms, the Penguin algorithm update on Google was a cause for worrying, and rightly so.  For the rest of SEO firm Los Angeles, the Penguin algorithm had little or no impact on their rankings on Google because they had been following legitimate practices of SEO services in Los Angeles. 


What makes an SEO company good or bad?

For starters, all SEO, or search engine optimization, will give you the results that you want which are high rankings on Google.  The difference is how you utilize SEO techniques.


SEO techniques include link building, social media marketing, search engine marketing, pay per clicks, and business branding, among others.  All of these techniques are fine by Google if they are properly done.  Take link building, for example.  This is one particular area in which the Penguin algorithm specializes in looking out for when finding websites for the search engine results page.


Some SEO companies were creating too many links leading back to a poor quality of web pages.  Some of these links did not take the viewer to another site that was relevant to the topic they were reading about.  These kinds of spamming links were one of the main reasons for the updated algorithm so Google could crack down on this kind of behavior that was clogging up the internet and its search engine with bad results to Google’s searchers.


The other technique that many SEO companies were guilty of was overusing keywords.  They had hoped that by repeating certain searchable keywords over and over again, that the site would be found more easily by Google.  While that would have worked before the update of Penguin, it will not work now.


Google’s Penguin now looks at a variety of characteristics in a Los Angeles website design when compiling the rankings on the search engine results page.  First and foremost, it finds sites that are relevant to the keywords the Google user typed in to the search bar.  Then, it looks for the excessive use of these keywords.  If those are there, the algorithm puts that website on its radar while it looks for spam links.


If the bad links are found, this website will have no ranking on the search engine results page.  If a website were to pass these first tests, Penguin would also look at the quality of the content on the page.  Google wants to give its users only the best websites that should hold the information they are looking for.  With the new algorithm, Google searchers are finding what they need on the first search.


Basically, the algorithm is just a new enforcer on the proper techniques of SEO.  Penguin is meant to clean up the search engine results so good and strong websites show up rather than these bad but highly optimized sites.  To keep the algorithm from affecting your SEO practices just remember to limit your use of keywords, have quality content on the website, and make sure the links are relevant to the topic at hand.

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