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As an internet marketing entrepreneur you probably already realize the importance of having your own website, a fact which many Los Angeles marketing agencies will agree upon.  Once you decide what you will promote, whether it’s your own physical product or someone else’s, providing lots of content is necessary.  In order to describe what is on your website and have high quality, searchable material you will need to find at least one good SEO author. That shouldn’t be difficult at all since there are thousands of online pages.  These authors write about various keyword research tools such as:

1         WordTracker,

2         Yahoo Overture

3         Google Adwords

Reading, studying and acting on the information you find can be done on your own.  Optimizing your complete website for the search engines (SEO) doesn’t have to be too difficult.  You can get free SEO advice by taking an online course in the basics of search engine submissions and rankings.  There are also many forums where you can chat with fellow entrepreneurs who are experienced.  They can share what works in link building, finding and maintaining content, page ranking.  Colleagues can also lead you to more qualified experts who can do the SEO work for you.

After a month or two, depending on your abilities, efforts and persistence, your website may be receiving traffic from high quality visitors.  However, you might desire more help and expertise to reduce the learning curve and time to start making real profits.

Who do you call?  Where can you find the right expert who will consider You as a unique client with a unique blog or website?  Ask and you shall Receive.  You could go to a search engine browser and type in SEO analysis and find an expert on your own.  You could ask your colleagues to recommend a SEO expert.  They are usually willing to help out a new or inexperienced person.  There are workshops and conferences where professionals give presentations on search engine optimization.  You could find one in your local area, or inquire at a university/college to learn of a knowledgeable SEO advisor.

It’s wise to find two or three SEO experts and compare your information before paying for their services.  Know what you want so that you can ask him/her the appropriate questions.  Find out what the expert’s goals are.  When you explain what you want (ex. Google page 1 ranking), he should integrate his goals with yours.  What is his definition of SEM -search engine marketing – and is it broad enough?  Has he given any presentations?  What is his educational and work background?  What services will he provide?  Will he start with a free SEO analysis?  Some of the services usually offered are free analysis, integrated SEO, pay per click and social media.  When you are satisfied with a particular expert, make sure you know the cost of services and payment methods/allowances.  Upon completion your goals should be obtained. . .Success and Prosperity.


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