SEO in Los Angeles Takes Over Social Networks

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.15.2012


Each and every day, more and more people are creating profiles on social media sites.  Social media sites have been growing faster than radio and television.  This means that marketing in social media is bigger than it ever was and is with radio and television.  It is also why more than seventy percent of companies have created a Facebook profile page to market their business.


Marketing on social media sites is also cheaper and easier to do than it was before with radio commercials and television advertisements.  Radio and television marketing took a lot of money and a lot of people to make it work.  It was not something that could be done by yourself.  You had to hire a marketing agency, a technical crew, and actors to create these kinds of advertisements.


Today, social media gets rid of these problems and is especially helpful for businesses that have a tight budget and cannot afford to get even a thirty second video for television or a segment for radio.  And while social media marketing does take a team to get the job done right, it does not require as many people to do the work.


The team required for social network marketing is a strong LA SEO company.  The people in SEO in Los Angeles know that marketing in social media does take some time and work to be done effectively.  There is a right way and a wrong to do it but with a Los Angeles media list of the media outlets, they can get the job done right.


Some of the mistakes other companies make are not being consistent with their marketing on social networking sites.  Randomly updating a business’s information with statuses, tweets, and pictures will not keep customers and prospective clients constantly thinking about your business.  If these sites are updated daily or weekly, followers will know when to expect new information and will see you as a dependable and reliable company that they will want to be in business with.


The point of social networking is to interact with other people.  If you are going to put your business out there on these sites, you must interact with the people.  Listen to what they are saying about the business.  Feedback – good or bad- will help the business grow in to something better.  If comments and posts are left on your profile page, answer them and thank them for contacting you.  If you do not do this, the customer will feel put out and will not think kindly of your business.  Make sure to respond thoroughly so they know you appreciate them and are not simply giving a quick response and moving on.


The worst thing a company, or anyone for that matter, can do on social networking is have bad grammar and spelling.  When customers see this, they do not think of you as a quality business.  People love to point out other people’s mistakes – especially when a business makes a mistake, so make sure to proofread and reread before you post.  While it is not as big of a deal on your personal profile, you want to look professional here.


Social networking can greatly increase business if utilized correctly.  If you follow the above tips, social networking sites can work to your advantage.

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