SEO Link Building Services, from Buying to Building

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 26 2012

The topic of paid SEO Link Building Services comes along with faulty information and misconceptions galore. In many cases, paid SEO links can be very beneficial to an SEO campaign. There have been some instances where sites like Google have not caught onto paid links very promptly, which only perpetuates the argument about whether or not paying for links should or should not be an issue. The general opinion seems to be that buying links and the “link schemes” that go along with buying links are not good for the industry as a whole, however much more traffic is garnered with their aid.

So, how can you determine whether or not you are inadvertently participating in a link scheme? Oftentimes, honest efforts to bolster SEO efforts become problematic when viewed through the lens of more commonplace and accepted SEO Link Building Service.


The defense of link buying may seem intriuging to those without a sense of the broader implications of such an action. With link buying, are you sacrificing the chance to build toward a thought-out goal of successful keyword strategy and general marketing strategy? Or are you simply receiving quantity without quality?

Professionals in the SEO field understand how to generate strategies for your brand’s marketing and consumer outreach goals. They will be specific in their approach to your particular product or service, rather than approaching the problem generically. For example, what kind of content would be most appropriate for your particular website? Who is you competition in this field and how will you set yourself apart? Some of these nuances can go by the wayside when you pay for SEO.

As you know, there is more to SEO than just keywords. You need traffic to be directed from the right referral sites, contextual relevance in your keywords, and countless other important details.

The benefits of building links, rather than buying them, is that you will be working with a team that understands your priorities. You will also be better attuned to your links’ strengths and weaknesses with a more hands-on approach. Having a smaller, more localized team can lead to better quality SEO in the long run. Though traffic may not be as evidently heavy at first, eventually the difference will be split.

The other benefit of working locally is that you can be more selective about who is creating your SEO. Competative link strategy is not an intuitive game, and not anyone can just begin without being properly educated. Choose SEOs who are well-educated, knowledgable about sites like Majestic, Open Site Explorer, and other link building services. Mostly importantly, choose SEOs with whom you can be communicative. Choose individuals who understand your personal goals and business needs, as the quality of your SEO will greatly effect your site’s overall performance.

Competence in your SEOs is the most important quality to look for. These are the employees who are responsible for generating traffic to your site, so you need to choose people you can trust implicitly. Link building will, if done properly, play into your overall strategy and guarantee success, according to

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