SEO Los Angeles Advertising Agencies: The Good and The Bad

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 8.5.2012


The acronym, SEO, stands for search engine optimization or search engine optimizer.  It is the process that generates an awareness for a specific website on the Internet by increasing the site’s rankings on a search engine results page.  Search engine optimization is a strong marketing tactic used by many Los Angeles advertising agencies.  When SEO is properly used, a site can move up in rankings on sites like Google or Bing.  Because of these profound effects SEO can have on the rankings, it is important to pick the right company to do the task.

The decision to hire an SEO company is a big one.  The results can essentially improve your business’s website and save you time but if you pick the wrong company, the results can be damaging to both your site and your reputation.  Irresponsible SEO can kill your site single handedly but using SEO that follows the search engine’s guidelines can have a lot of advantages.  This is why you will want to do your research before deciding on a company.  Most SEO and Los Angeles advertising agencies have this variety of services available; if they do not, they may not be the right agency for you:

Organic SEO

Pay per Click (PPC)

Anchor Text Links

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultation

Social Media Marketing

Email Blasts

Banner Advertising

There are several other services that top SEO companies offer but the previously mentioned services are the basic ones that even the most basic SEO agency will have available for you to choose from.

One thing to remember when thinking about rankings is that sometimes there are paid advertisements at the top of the search engine results page.  Advertising on the search engine, like Google, will not influence your ranking in the search engine’s results but it can help as another way to market your site.  It may be highly beneficial to use both paid advertising on the search engine and also SEO.  You will probably still want to focus on SEO because a lot of searchers ignore the Sponsored Links because they are paid for.

The sooner you get started with an SEO company is better but there are some times that are better to get started than others.  A great time would be when you are redesigning your website or if you are setting up a completely different site.  At these times, the SEO company can assist you in the process of redesigning or launching a new site and make sure the entire site is search engine friendly.  But no matter what state your website is in, a professional SEO company can work to improve it as it is.

Ways to Get More Internet Traffic

  • Data Visualization: If you have a lot of data compiled that you want to share, just stating a bunch of numbers is boring.  To spice it up you can display it in fun ways to make it more appealing to look at.
  • Videos: Using a documentary or short film form is more exciting than reading a lot of text and it can get the same idea across.
  • Graphics: Use graphics to get your point across.  Again, they are more exciting to look at and can be just as effective.

Now you know about all the good a SEO company can do, you will also want to know the risks.  Some SEOs are unethical.  Their marketing strategies are bad and do not follow the guidelines laid out by search engines.  The practices these SEOs follow are manipulative and unfair.  If you pick a company that uses these bad tactics, your site will suffer.  Google takes drastic action and can completely remove your site from the rankings list.  It is just something to keep in mind if you decide to try shortcuts with SEO.

SEO has proven to be effective.  You can see that even when bad SEO strategies are used; that is why they are banned.  But when used for good, SEO can give you the Internet awareness you need to increase the amount of traffic your site gets on a regular basis.

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