SEO Los Angeles CA: Opening Google to New Online Businesses

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.18.2012


So, you have decided to start an online business.  There are many specifics that you need to decide – manufacturers, prices, etc – but the most important order of business is a website to put it all on.  Now, if you were opening a store on 2nd Street, you would be looking for painters, electricians, and maybe an interior designer to get a place shined up and ready for a business.


Since you are opening a business online, you need to do the same things, only less paint and more technology preparations.  Instead of painters, you need a professional website designer.  There are several web design companies Los Angeles that can help you create the online business of your dreams.


Now that the canvas is set for your online business, it is time to set up shop.  You have your merchandise added on to the website with labels, descriptions, and prices.  Everything is all set to go.


But there is something missing: the customers.  You need a way to advertise and get customers logging in to your online business.


What you need is an online marketing company.  Today, many online businesses go with a search engine marketing company to make their online businesses easier to find.  It is the best way to start marketing for a new online business before adding on to your marketing campaign.


An SEO company will make your business searchable on sites like Google.  And since Google is the way most people find out about a new business, you have no better way to get started.


When SEO just started, the objective was to create as many links and articles stuffed with keywords as possible.  This kind of mass production was what SEO companies produced and the results were effective.  Whatever site they were marketing for moved up in search engine rankings.  But search engines did not like the tactics that were being used to cheat the system.  Consequently, the search engines updated their systems in technical ways that we will not go in to.


The thing you need to know is that the old days where spam links and keywords placed oddly in to articles and blog posts are over.  And everyone is talking about what kind of content is being put out by SEO companies.


Content is the new objective of SEO Los Angeles CA companies.  It is the new standard that search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! look for when ranking their websites on search engine results pages.  Los Angeles local SEO companies still need those keywords to make their articles searchable and of course, the links to provide the door to their clients’ websites but those should not be the basis of the article or blog.  Search engines want results to contain quality content so that their searchers find the answers they are looking for on the first search.


As a new online entrepreneur, being able to be found on Google will open your doors to a large quantity of customers.  From there, you have other marketing campaigns you can get started on like social media marketing.  SEO is just the start of things until you have a steady flow of sales.

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